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Year in Review: 2017 Family Video

2018 April 22
by Becky

I’m a little (lot) late this year with our family video, but it’s done and I’m pleased. In all truth, I finished it a couple months ago and snuck it out on my videos page without a mention, mostly because it didn’t feel quite right. It was just ok. Turns out, I wasn’t following my own video editing advice, because it was too long, too draggy. So this week I revisited, cut cut cut, and it’s much better. Funny how all you need is a tiny glimpse of an event to satisfy that need to capture the moment.

Finding the right music always seems an impossible task, no year is easy. I even try to collect songs through the year, ones I hear and thing “That’s inspiring!”, saving them to a playlist, hoping it will make my video-making days easier. But it usually doesn’t help much. I just do my best to use song we loved that year, ones that are hopefully semi-current, and songs that are upbeat…though I have used a few slow songs that just worked perfectly. Whatever feels right is what I use.

This felt like an epic year, one with so many highs and far too many lows. It’s like a time-lapse video, where you see us move to a different state, different schools, different jobs, different everything…funny what can change in a year. While these videos consume so much time, I’m always grateful for these little, quick views of our lives each year.

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  1. Linda Johnson permalink
    April 23, 2018

    Loved the video Becky! The boys have grown so fast! Makes me smile to watch them play and to see all that they do.

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