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What I Love Wednesdays—Moby Wrap

2011 March 9
by bvoboril

I’ve decided to dedicate Wednesdays to baby-related products and services that I’ve found the most helpful so far. When I was pregnant, I always asked my new mom friends what products thought were most useful…there are a million opinions out there! So I’d like to share some of mine.

First off…the Moby Wrap!

It wasn’t something I hadn’t heard a lot about, but I thought it looked like a great idea. I also ambushed a woman wearing one at Target…she looked so carefree shopping with her baby snuggled up to her. I tried mine two days after Ethan came home and found I love this item SO much that I sent one to my sister-in-law Amy right away. Many of my friends have now told me about how their babies spent a lot of time in their Mobys…especially when they have another little one running around!

Hands Free
Ethan likes to be held a lot…sometimes constantly…but then usually just falls asleep, rendering the holder hostage—if you move, he wakes up and is not happy. But with the Moby Wrap, I can be hands free—I’m actually wearing Ethan as I type this post! He is passed out and cozy, while I’m free to type.

When he’s wrapped up in the Moby, it’s easy to sit and stand, eat, read, fold laundry, type, and even get dinner started (not anything involving a flame of course). In fact, I can even blow dry my hair while wearing Ethan, because the hair dryer noise instantly puts him to sleep.

Less Stranger Access
Even if Ethan was not a preemie and wasn’t more susceptible to illness, I would STILL not want strangers touching him. So when I run errands, I’ll put him in the Moby so people are less likely to help themselves to baby. Example: the customer service lady at Target that seemed REALLY interested in giving him a little love. Not OK, but also not a problem because I was able to keep him out of her reach.  I think he also feels more comfortable when close to me instead of out in the open in his car seat. And sometimes the car seat doesn’t fit in the carts, as I found out at Whole Foods yesterday!

Easy to Use
When I took the Moby out of it’s little pouch the first time, I was shocked to see how long it was!  It looked gigantic and hard to use. But it’s not. Not only is there a great instruction manual that shows you all the different ways to wrap it, but the website has videos and more info. ALSO, there are plenty of YouTube videos with people showing how to use the wrap. There is even a great breast feeding hold you can watch on my YouTube channel.

I haven’t tried it because Ethan isn’t quite that good yet.  Anyway, I can get it on and off in 20 seconds, which is helpful when the little guy is not happy. And once you get used to it, you can really get baby wrapped in there nice and snug. (I still squat instead of bending, and I’m careful to make sure he’s supported at all times).

I’m going to try flying with the Moby when we make our first trip. At Thanksgiving, we saw at least 3 moms on our plane using wraps to fly with their babies. What a great idea!

Anyway, I think this is a great product. It’s usually around $40 at most retail stores and it comes in lots of colors and patterns. I got Amy’s on Amazon and it came with free shipping, even to Hawaii (where she lives).

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  1. March 14, 2011

    Okay, you convinced me to get one again! We had one for Ingrid when she was bigger and then I gave it away to someone. After reading this though, I went and got one at Target last night–same color as you and everything :) I have to get the hang of it still, but I feel like it’s more secure than the Ergo for when I’m moving around cleaning and such. Plus this one can fit Brendan, too, without having to redo straps and all that! Thank you!

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