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“What I Love” Wednesday – Video Monitor

2011 March 23
by bvoboril

This week’s product is:

Summer Infant Best View™ Handheld Color Video Monitor

This product is also known in our house as “E TV” because we have fun watching our little man on screen!

This monitor is amazing! A few of our friends had recommended it, and they were all very correct about it’s usefulness. Not only is the sound crystal clear with NO static, but the video is also very clear.  Since we don’t have Ethan sleeping in our room, it was important for us to have a good monitor system that would make us feel comfortable when he’s out of our sight.  If I wake up at night wondering how he’s doing, instead of going in his room, turning on a light, and possibly waking him up, I just check the video screen and can relax.

Great Features include:

  • The video feed is in color during the day, and uses black and white night vision in the dark.
  • The camera can be adjusted up/down/left/right using the handheld, and you can even zoom.
  • The video screen can be turned on and off. I leave it on my night stand at night, so whenever Ethan makes noise, I hit the button to turn on the screen. This way we can see if he’s just doing some ‘active sleep’ or if he’s really waking up. I even put it on the sink when I’m in the shower…a little piece of mind that Ethan’s happy while I can’t hear him!
  • The monitor handheld also has a sound register bar at the top that shows the level of noise being made. It’s great for when we are in the shower or using something noisy like hair dryer. If Ethan starts crying, the sound bar reads red.
  • The handheld has great range too!  We can use it all the way out in the back yard and at the neighbor’s house.
  • It also has a belt clip that comes in handy while I’m running around the house.

This monitor is a little pricey, around $150, but it’s very easy to use, works great, and when you are done with it, it could probably be sold on Ebay or craigslist for close to the same price! Overall, we love being able to see what’s going on in Ethan’s room.

What NOT to get

Originally, my parents got us the Angel Care Baby Monitor. This monitor features a sensor that goes under the crib mattress to detect the baby’s breathing. It also comes with two sound monitors.  The monitor was recommended to my mom, so she thoughtfully gave it to us as one of our first baby gifts!

Unfortunately, the Angel Care monitor is terrible.  The sensor is overkill because you have to turn it off /on every time you put take baby out/put baby in the crib…which we do a lot, especially at night.  Also, the sound monitors were AWFUL…full of static and not clear at all. Online reviews also said that the breathing alarm goes off mistakenly…not something I wanted to wake up to. It took us about two seconds to realize all these problems, and returned it immediately.

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