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“What I Love” Wednesday – Changing Station

2011 June 21

I’m a planner. I get this from my mother. We like logistics and being prepared. So after I committed to using cloth diapers, I was really concerned about how I was going to organize my changing table to accomodate them.

Sounds crazy, right?  

Get back to me a month before your baby is due, when you have no CLUE how the cloth diapers are going to go down…it’s scary. But gets easy very fast!

To be honest, I’ve had lots of friends ask me about cloth diapering and everything that goes along with it.

So, this week’s topic: My Changing Station!

Here it is in all it’s loveliness:

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As you can see, I have your basic dresser changing table. My changing pad is there, butt and diaper cleaning accessories, and my diaper drawer. The little caddy includes creams and a water dish on the top, cloth wipes on the bottom.

My Diapering Accessories:

1. Kissaluvs Diaper Lotion Potion to spray on a poopie butts. Since I use cloth wipes, I use this spray to get the sticky/stinky stuff. I spray it on the wipe or directly on the butt.

2. BumGenius Odor Remover to spray on poopie diapers. To be honest, you can probably live without this. But I think it helps get stains out of the diapers while keeping the stink at bay. So for poop, I use a squirt of this before throwing the diaper in the pail.

3. Water dish. You can’t see it, but there is a small bowl in the top shelf of the little caddy. I dip my cloth wipes in there before attacking a stinky butt. Only dip once though! Otherwise you contaminate your water.

4. Hand sanitizer. Let’s be honest…are you really going to be able to wash your hands every time you change a diaper? If you are holding your baby, probably not. So, if you aren’t covered in poo, a squirt of this is OK from time to time. But, of course, hand washing after diaper changes is very important.

5. Baby Lotion. I use Aveeno Baby Calming Comfort Lotion in Lavender & Vanilla. I like to use it on Ethan after baths and/or right before bed. He gets some dry patches on his legs and tummy, and this lotion makes them go away while calming little man before he goes to sleep.

6. Diaper rash cream. Yes, diaper rash still comes up from time to time even with cloth diapers. For the first 4.5 months, Ethan had at least a little poop in EVERY diaper. It never stopped. Therefore, he would have little bouts of redness every couple weeks or so. At first I used regular creams, but quickly got sick of using flannel barriers to keep the cream from touching the diaper (it makes them water proof—not good!). So I bought some Northern Essence cloth diaper rash cream. It works like a charm and smells great! And no worrying about it hurting my diapers.

7. Cloth Wipes. I figured since I was washing diapers anyway, I might as well wash wipes too! There are a million wipes out there…I’m sure they are all great. If I owned a sewing machine (and knew how to use it) I would have just made some. I have some BumGenius Flannel Baby Wipes and they work just fine. Or you can check out my blog friend Amber Liddle’s very cute Etsy shop for some uber-cute handmade wipes!

And, VERY important, here is my hamper:

cloth diapering, bum genius, cloth diapers, diaper changing station, cloth diaper changing station, how to cloth diaper As you can see, I did not get the Cotton Babies diaper pail. Not only is their pail very unattractive, but it’s short and wide…not an easy thing to fit in your nursery. The main features you need in a pail include a vented lid and a carbon filter holder. So my swing top SimpleHuman trash can from Bed Bath and Beyond works just fine! I poked some holes in a zip lock bag, inserted the carbon filter, and taped it to the botton of the swing top. The hamper fits perfectly between the wall and the dresser, plus it looks nice.

Note: This is a DRY pail. There is no water included. Just a pail liner that goes in the wash with the diapers every other day or so. I have two liners so one can be in the wash while one is in the pail.

One more note: If you have a toddler or dog that may get into the diaper pail (I’ve read some pretty awful stories about this!) and need the top to lock, just make sure there is some way to vent the pail.

No Air + Stinky Diapers = PROBLEMS

I think that’s it!

I know, I know, it sounds like a lot.

But once you start doing it, it’s actually fun! And worth the learning curve. Just be sure to register for your diapers so you get some for baby shower gifts. Get what you can and then slowly build your stash over time. I have about 30 and I’m able to keep up with the laundry with no problem.

Share your cloth diapers tricks with me! And post a link to pictures of your station…it’s so helpful for cloth newbies!

10 Responses
  1. Adrianne permalink
    June 21, 2011

    Becky – I just wanted to tell you I truly enjoy your blog. I started reading it shortly after we found out I was at high risk to deliver before 32 weeks. I am now 34 weeks and still going strong! My husband and I have decided to try cloth diapers as well and I’ve been reading up on it as much as I can and asking friends about it who have done it successfully. your blog is another great source of info for me in the cloth diaper area and I truly appreciate you sharing. I also love your product reviews. thanks again. I hope you continue the blog after the move.

    Adrianne (friend of Catrina’s)

    question: did you ever use regular (non-cloth) wipes with the cloth diapers?

    • June 22, 2011

      Adrianne!!! Thank you for commenting! I’ve been getting updates about you from Catrina. 34 weeks is a huge milestone…when my water broke at 31 w 4 d, the doctors wanted to keep me pregnant until 34 weeks to make Ethan’s situation about 1000 times better. But alas, he had other plans. And is just fine now!

      I’m so happy you have decided to go with cloth! You won’t regret it. And YES you can use regular wipes. I carry a pack of regular wipes with me in my diaper bag, and have some on my changing table (forgot to mention them!) in case someone wants to use them instead of the cloth wipes. I will say though, I feel like I have to use 2-3 disposable wipes for every 1 cloth wipe…cloth is much more sturdy. And you can just throw them in with your diapers to wash!

      PLEASE keep me posted on your pregnancy! I’m so excited for you and am thrilled that my blog is providing helpful info. Please don’t hesitate to email with more questions!

    • June 22, 2011

      Yay for making it to 34 weeks! I was just like Becky–had my water break at 31 wks but they could keep Otis in until 34 (almost) They said the difference every DAY makes is remarkable, so to go weeks is awesome! Silly kids making us moms worry so much, I hope it’s not a sign of things to come in their teen years…

  2. June 22, 2011

    You are so organized! We have a bucket of diapers on a dresser and change Otis wherever. Then he’ll have a surprise poo and we have to chase down the wipes (which ingrid likes to play with and leave god knows where). I think I like your way better!

    Thanks for the shout out :)

  3. Sandy Schon permalink
    June 22, 2011

    Beck, you have surpassed by organizational skills by a long shot!!! Good job. Wish those diapers would have been available when you were a baby.

  4. Vi Spinner permalink
    June 22, 2011

    I like to think that you and your Mom get your organizational skills fr GG. A place for every thing in my house. Good luck on your move. It will be fun to visit!!

  5. January 6, 2012

    I know this is an old post – it popped up on Pinterest :) I just wanted to say, in case you had not discovered it for yourself, the BG Odor Remover IS essential once baby’s poops get really stinky. I ran out and didn’t use it on my toddler dipes for a few weeks and ended up really needing to bleach them. I stocked up and now have a shelf full of Odor Remover ha!

    Here is my changing table for my boys who share a small room (so this is a small changer attached to a crib) – for diapering a newborn and 22 month old:

    Inside the drawers:

    And on the side:

    I keep wipes folded in the wipe warmer and squirt with wipes solution (in the peribottle) so they are all ready to go when I need one.

    • admin permalink*
      January 6, 2012

      I totally agree about the Odor Remover Vera!! It is great stuff.
      I love your set up-thanks for sharing! Proves that cloth diapering works in any size room. And it’s kind of fun figuring out all the gear, isn’t it?
      I have that same owl print on a blanket—LOVE!

  6. January 6, 2012

    P.S. the other drawers are BG Diapers :)

  7. February 3, 2016

    Hi there! I’m a future cloth diaperer with baby due next month and just trying to glean all the info I can… Love the breakdown of your diaper station set up! My question though is do you change baby, then run to the toilet with dirty diaper to dispose of poo and then go back to nursery to dump dirty diaper on the pail? I assumed diaper pail would go in the bathroom. Just trying to figure out logistics! Thanks for any response!

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