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“What I Love” Wednesday – Boppy Newborn Lounger

2011 March 30
by bvoboril

Since we won’t be able to use this item for very much longer, I figured I better post about it quick!

Boppy© Newborn Lounger

Stu’s friend suggested we register for one of these, so I did. Little did we know it would be a lifesaver for the first couple months! Here is Ethan chillin’ in the Lounger:

Until we entered the fussy phase (see Fussiness), this lounger kept Ethan occupied for good chunks of time. We could make dinner, play with him, and get other things done while he happily ‘flailed’ and looked around. We still use it, but now we need to entertain him more while he’s sitting in it. We just like it because he is elevated and can see us without having to be held.

NOTE: We never leave him unsupervised while in this thing. If he gets moving, it could slide or he could tip over.  It’s never happened, but it probably could.

This lounger can be used on the counter top, couch, coffee table, bed…pretty much anywhere. It’s contoured in the middle, but there is no hole like a regular Boppy. I think Ethan likes it so much because he can see whats going on and be involved.

In the picture above, Ethan was only about seven pounds.  Now that he’s over nine pounds, he takes up more of the lounger. The Boppy website says babies up to 16 pounds can use this item, so we’ll be able to use it for another month or so…we hope!

Ethan even falls asleep in the lounger sometimes, especially if we swaddle him. In this picture, we just covered him up with a blanket after he passed out:

When Ethan outgrows this, we will be able to use the BeBe Pod (just like a Bumbo seat). But until then, we are very happy with this product and use it on a daily basis!

2 Responses
  1. Linda permalink
    April 1, 2011

    I just love Ethan’s Boppy. I remember how much Ethan loved to lay on his boppy and look around; especially when he was in the kitchen.

    What a simple invention that I’m sure made a fortune.

    hugs and love
    Grandma J.

  2. Amy Voboril Kohlhepp permalink
    April 2, 2011

    Our Bobby is probably the most used item in our house. We didn’t get the newborn lounger but it def. looks awesome! Save it for your next kiddo :)

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