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“What I Love” Wednesday — Mini Sophie the Giraffe

2011 July 20
by bvoboril

Everyone has seen Sophie.

She is the rubber giraffe made by the French company, Vulli, that appears at every baby shower, is in the hands of countless infants and toddlers at the mall, and is a top rated item on every baby gear list.

We got three as gifts!

But the original Sophie is not the topic of this post.

This week’s product: Sophie The Giraffe Vanilla Teething Ring

Ethan loves the squeak noise, but is otherwise not really interested in the big Sophie yet. I think it’s because she is just TOO big for him right now. One day I saw a baby playing with a different sort of Sophie. It was smaller, easy for tiny hands to hold, and had built-in teething rings. I zoomed over to to find this ‘baby Sophie’.

It’s not easy to find toys for babies under six months! I was struggling to find something that Ethan (who was around four months at the time) was interested in AND could play with using his limited fine motor skills. The Sophie the Giraffe Vanilla Teething Ring was around $12 and worth every penny. Ethan LOVES this toy. It is our go-to entertainment when he’s in his little Be Be Pod seat (as shown above).

Since around four and a half months and just learning to grab things he has been able to play with this toy. Now, at almost seven months, he is incredible with his hands and can really have fun poking and prodding and chewing on the the Sophie Teether.

Now Sophie’s name is said about 100 times a day. “Did you drop Sophie?”, “Does Sophie’s ear taste good?”, “Don’t throw Sophie” and on and on. She is part of the family. Ethan is even getting more interested in the large version! Actually, he wants to pick up and chew on just about anything he sees.

Here he is with original-size Sophie—in the mouth of course!

I highly recommend this toy! I haven’t seen the Sophie Teether in any brick and mortar stores, but it is all over online. It is easy to throw in the diaper bag, is very safe, and can be washed in the sink. It would make a fantastic baby shower gift!

I also recommend checking out the Vulli website…it’s very cute and the Sophie story is incredible! She is apparently turning 50 this year.

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