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What I Love Wednesday — Testing the Tummy Tub!

2011 June 8
by bvoboril

While at our house for some Parents As Teachers time, our friend Angela Rau left us this week’s product to test!  It’s my first actual product trial and I’m super psyched about it. Now I’m not necessarily saying this is a product I love or recommend (I may have to change the name if people continue sending me products to try, hint hint) but I certainly loved testing it out and I tried to give an unbiased review.

This week’s product: Tummy Tub

I couldn’t wait to try this product because, as you know from previous posts, Ethan LOVES water. I’ve seen these types of tubs at specialty baby stores and thought they looked cute, but wasn’t sure how functional they would be.

This product is literally a ‘baby bucket’…the product website actually has to explain the difference between it and a regular bucket! These differences include things like an anti-slip coating, transparent material so you can see baby, and is made from BPA free and non-toxic plastic that’s safe for little mouths (just to name a few).

The website describes the Tummy Tub as “a unique womb-shaped and sized bath that eases baby’s transition from a familiar, safe place to an unknown world. This alternative to the standard baby bath makes bath time stress-free for babies and parents alike!”

The following are the main purposes of the Tummy Tub:

  • Baby feels warm, safe, and relaxed within soft boundaries
  • Eases indigestion, gas, and colic while calming baby
  • Stimulates cognitive and physical development
  • Meets the most stringent safety regulations worldwide
  • Uses less water, energy, and space than traditional baby tubs
What’s interesting is that washing seems to be the last thing this tub is for. That’s not to say it’s a bad product, because their main goal is clearly baby calming, which is a very necessary thing for many babies!

My Review:

Right off the bat, I love the size of the Tummy Tub. It’s small and transparent. That said, while the Tummy Tub can be used on its own, the website and instructions make a big pitch to use the Tummy Tub Two Step Stand, which significantly increases the real estate needed to house this bathing apparatus. The main advantage to the stand is that you can sit in a chair while bathing your kiddo. (see picture below)

I didn’t have a stand, so the directions told me to place the Tummy Tub on the floor after filling with water. I filled the tub with water to the fill line as suggested. The directions also suggest using a thermometer to test the water temp, which I did not do because I’m able to do this by touch now. I placed the tub on the floor, got Ethan naked, and followed the directions for the proper positioning to put him in the tub.

A problem right off the bat was the water level. I don’t know about you, but my sink is at a normal counter height and that’s pretty far from my baby who’s sitting in a tub of water on the floor. This is an issue because I was immediately uncomfortable with the water level…it was too high. So I grabbed a cup and scooped some water out and into my sink, all while keeping a hand on Ethan. Not ideal. It would be worse if you needed more water, because you’d need to turn on your sink, get the temp right, and then pour it in with cup or other vessel. (I guess this is prep stuff I just didn’t anticipate but would for future uses)

So I got the water level where I wanted it, and Ethan was a happy camper. He loved being in the water and really liked that he could get some of that water in his mouth while sucking on his hands. The website says it’s very common for babies to want to suck while in this tub…they were right! (see video below)

The instructions do not indicate whether soap is recommended during washing. I don’t know about you, but I like to use some soap to clean my baby…with baths only every other day, he is pretty ripe come bath time. And I don’t think water alone takes care of that all too familiar curdled milk and pee smell. So I grabbed our baby soap, squirted a little on our washcloth, and started washing. As I suspected, the water instantly became cloudy with soap, because there isn’t much water in the tub. I didn’t even try to wash his hair because that REALLY would have made things sudsy. The last thing I want to do is take Ethan out of the tub to de-soap the water, much less deal with poop or pee! But that is what you’d have to do if you want to rinse off any of these substances (some more concerning then others).

The website and instructions say that because there isn’t much air touching the water, it stays nice and warm. But I felt like the water did loose a lot of heat fairly quickly. And again, it’s not an easy feat to heat up the water. But then Ethan didn’t really seem to care!

So we just splashed, kicked, and tasted water for a bit, then I very carefully took him out of the tub using the recommended hold again. During the bath I did make sure to support Ethan’s chin when he looked down because his face got pretty close to the water sometimes. Otherwise he sat in the tub nicely, all tucked up like a fetus.

I wasn’t nervous about testing this product because a) Ethan loves water, b) he is around 12 pounds, and c) he is five and a half months old. But the website states that this tub can and should be used for preemies. Since this tub mimics the womb, it is recommended and used by hospitals to calm even the newest and tiniest babies. Let me just say I would NOT have felt comfortable putting Ethan in this tub when he was super small. I didn’t submerge him for baths at all until he was around seven pounds, so I’m confident that I wouldn’t have put him in a bucket of water at 3.5 pounds.

Overall, I think using this product is was pleasant and positive experience. Ethan was very calm and happy in the bath, which makes me think this would be great to calm him if he got REALLY upset and inconsolable (like he was in this post). But $29.99 for the tub alone seems steep, especially when I could get a tub like the one I have (4Moms Clean Water Tub) for around the same price. The stand is an additional $55, making this tub a very pricey option if you want the whole setup.

I enjoyed watching this video on the Tummy Tub website…the babies are just adorable!

I’ll probably give the Tummy Tub another spin before I give it back to Angela, but it won’t be something I run out and purchase for regular use. But I’m so glad we were able to test it out! If you would like me to try out a product, please get in touch with me at

Do you have a Tummy Tub?  What do you think about it? 

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  1. Amanda permalink
    August 12, 2012

    I love your review. I just found out I am expecting and when I told my sister this tummy tub is the first thing she mentioned. I also love that you put on a video of your own experience as I feel you don’t always see the reality of products in their own reviews. Thank you.

    • Becky permalink*
      August 12, 2012

      Glad it helped you! The Tummy Tub is a very interesting baby product and we had tons of fun trying it out!

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