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What I Love Wednesday—Nursing Bras

2011 May 4
by bvoboril

**Warning…talking about nursing stuff here!  Read at your own risk.** :)

Before Ethan was born, I was starting to inquire about nursing attire.

What kind of bras did I need? Are any of them comfortable? 

What should I wear under clothes? 

What should I sleep in? 

Why are some of these things SO expensive?

I had so many questions and, due to his surprise timing, I did not have them answered when Ethan arrived! These items can be really expensive, not to mention uncomfortable, and I didn’t want to be spending $50 on a nursing bra that I hated. Much like maternity clothes, if you aren’t careful, you can end up wasting a TON of money on nursing supplies.

I did get some recommendations from friends and figured some stuff out on my own. Here is what I liked!

Gap Support Cami

These aren’t nursing tanks per-say, but I thought I’d mention them anyway. I wore these under shirts a lot while pregnant…they offer great support and make things a little ‘smoother’. They are also great for fixing those ill-fitting low-cut maternity wrap shirts and dresses.

I found out quickly that these are the perfect amount of stretchy for a nursing tank! I bought a few of these and wore them under my shirts almost every day to the NICU. My only complaint was that they roll a little at the bottom. But they are so comfy and work so well that I don’t care!

Target Nursing Tanks

You can buy the more expensive ones elsewhere, but I can’t see anything wrong with these $15 nursing tanks from Target. My local Target stores were never very stocked in the Maternity section, so I had to buy these online, which works great for me because I hate shopping!

I wear one of these tanks every night. It makes feeding the little man at 3am really quick and comfy. It also offers some support throughout the night, which is nice!

These are not really ‘wear by themselves’ tops. They gap at the top a little after a few washes, and the side coverage isn’t the best. I don’t usually wear them out of the house, and if I do I wear another shirt over it.

GAP nursing bras

Hurry!  These are on sale for $20!  That is an amazing deal for a good nursing bra. These are comfortable while being very supportive and a little more stylish. The straps are narrow so they don’t stick out under shirts. And GAP Maternity is a great brand…I loved everything I bought there while pregnant. The clothes hold up very well and are really comfortable. This bra included!

Bravado Lifestyle Microfiber Nursing Bra

This was the first nursing bra I purchased I liked it enough to buy a second. It’s comfy and easy to work. This bra is a little more “relaxed” (AKA not as flattering) than bras I usually wear. Wider straps too. But it all adds to the comfort. They wash well and are still in great shape.

I bought mine at Cotton Babies, but you can get them at any store that provides nursing support information/products. Nordstrom, Amazon,, and tons of online boutique maternity shops. They are not sold at Destination Maternity.

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