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What I Love Wednesday—Bouncy Seat

2011 May 11
by bvoboril

If it weren’t for this product, I would have a very hard time getting a shower during the week.

Fisher Price Soothe N Play Bouncer

We use this item at least once a day…I put Ethan in there while I get ready in the mornings and he usually sits in it when we are making and/or eating dinner. It has great, bright colored ‘toys’ on the removable bar. The toys wiggle when he kicks or when we rock the chair. We also hang more toys on there just for kicks. When we put the bar on the chair, Ethan looks at the toys like they are his long lost friends. He likes to bat at them too!

There is a vibration option that is activated by a switch. Said switch is almost NEVER turned off…the chair vibrates throughout the night on a regular basis. But Ethan loves the little baby massage he gets from it. Why don’t they make these chairs for adults?!

Finally, the chair rocks when Ethan kicks or when we rock it for him. Since he’s not very heavy (11 pounds!) he has trouble really getting the bounce going. So if we are eating or trying to keep him otherwise occupied, we rock the chair with a spare foot or hand. Rocking can also lead to some nice little baby naps.

This chair comes in handy whenever you need to put baby down without a scream-fest. Many of my mom friends swear they would never be able to use the restroom if it weren’t for a bouncy chair! We may even purchase a second one, because we are constantly carrying this one up and down the stairs.

While this exact model is out of stock, I highly recommend finding one like it. As long as it bounces, vibrates, and has some bright colored toys, you can’t go wrong. And most bouncy seats are under $40.

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  1. May 11, 2011

    We love ours, too! Otis would sleep in his for the first couple months, so did Ingrid. It just seems to fit a small baby so nicely, and the vibrating option is a godsend!

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