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Weekend Visitors!

2011 November 14
by Becky

We were so lucky to have our good friends Johnnie and Liz visit us for the weekend!!  We haven’t seen them since we moved, so it was wonderful to have four days to hang out. They couldn’t believe how big Ethan is now and loved watching him crawl. Yes, he still only crawls backward, but he can get around!

They brought Ethan the cutest gifts — clothes, some pull-back cars, and a ‘name train’ — but of course his favorite part was the wrapping paper. Why do we bother getting kids toys?

Johnnie had never been to the DC area, so it was really fun taking him to the capital. It was so fun seeing him all giddy about visiting the monuments, archives, and Smithsonian Museums. Stu and I never get sick of sighseeing here…the options are endless and you can never see it all.

We had WAYYYY too much fun at a local Irish bar that night while Ethan stayed home with a babysitter. So fun to get out and explore Alexandria night life! Not something we do often. The bar, Murphy’s Grand Irish Pub, featured an amazing performer who had us shouting, clapping, singing, and making hand gestures along to — you guessed it — Irish music…it was a blast. There was Guinness involved.

We visited the National Museum of Natural History and the National Archives on Sunday. (PS, Sunday at 10 am is THE BEST time to hit the museums. Free parking and no crowds.) Our brains were full after a few hours of wandering through incredible exhibits. You could visit these places 10 times and still not see everything. Though I was initially worried, Ethan enjoyed himself! He especially liked the dinosaurs and fish. Then he took a nap in the Moby while we walked through the rest.

I met Liz at TOKY (my previous job) and we have been friends for over two years. As luck would have it, our husbands fell in love with each other from the moment we introduced them. Literally. They’ve maintained a serious bro-mance over the years. I’m hating that I don’t have a good picture of the four of us together…GRRR!  But it was a super fun weekend and we miss Johnnie and Liz already!! Can’t wait to see them again in January.

 Can’t love this picture more.

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  1. November 15, 2011

    I’ve never been to DC, but it looks amazing in the fall! And that Irish bar experience kind of sold me. Need to go.

    • admin permalink*
      November 15, 2011

      The Irish bar was incredible. And we could walk home after – score.

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