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Weekend Things

2013 February 17
by Becky

Ethan and I closed up the week with a trip to Hooray For Books for story time with Miss Megan. If you haven’t been, go. Just get there early.




Taxes were finished.




Toys were enjoyed. Here is Ethan “sitting in the lake” while holding all three of his elephant friends. “Grandma Ele-sant”, “Ethan Ele-sant”, and “Baby Ele-sant”.




A birthday party.




Dinner with amazing friends at Graffiato in DC. Chicken liver mousse, truffle pizza, and draft prosecco…perfection. It felt so good to be out we again wondered why we don’t do this more often. Good thing we have our sitter booked next Saturday.




And after fighting it for weeks, I finally woke up Sunday morning with a horrible cold. Like stay-in-bed-can’t-move-so-glad-the-hubs-was-home-to-watch-little-man sick. Once Ethan’s head hit the bed and Stu caught a flight I ordered Chinese soup and watched a hilarious movie involving taco trucks, Emily Blunt, weddings, and Jason Segal…awesome.




Now on to a week full of phone calls to cancel pretty much anything and everything, a house hunting trip, boxing up stuff to take to GoodWill, and I just hope my sinuses calm down to let me get it all done.


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  1. February 19, 2013

    Ugh…we need to do our taxes, it’s just such a painful process. :-)

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