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Too Busy To Blog

2016 May 8
by Becky

There’s been blog silence, we’ve been busy living life. Sometimes it feels very liberating to not text or Instagram or blog about what we do, it’s so engrained in our brains these days that it feels like without a digital record, it didn’t happen. Liberating as it may be, how can I go without sharing this cuteness.


We love spending Sunday mornings at our favorite neighborhood spot, beating the rush and watching the kids inhale biscuits and gravy. The old wagon is our current mode of transportation and it’s totally adorable. Sounds uber domestic but we fill our weekends with yard work, walking the farmers market, small house projects, BBQs with friends, and basically spending every possible minute outside. Our back porch becomes our living room when the weather gets warm, so this year we finally made a decision and added some comfy chairs to our craigslisted Ikea loveseat.


Seriously the easiest purchase ever and it took us three years to do it. Next up was the broken screen door. I love that we spend all our time out there but it’s had the least comfortable furniture of any part of our house. Makes no sense.

We’ve spent yet more mornings at MOBOT, hanging in the iris garden—my ultimate favorite place that only stays beautiful for a couple weeks at best.




Ethan and I play a game every year, challenging ourselves to find our favorite iris in the garden. We inspect each petal, every color, and always fail to choose just one. I don’t have a single iris in my yard at home, I know nothing about growing them. But they must be my favorite flower. And they are already fading away.

Speaking of gardens, Ethan was much more into yard work than usual this year.



While Ethan got as dirty as possible, Finn discovered two new passions.

1. finding bugs, namely lady bugs and roly poly bugs. Only a few have been squashed during the watching process.


2. T-ball. The kid LOVES T-ball. He can put the ball on the tee and hit (knock) it off a hundred times. Ethan is also interested in this little game, but only when little brother is playing, so Finn has the words “turn” and “share” nailed…I’ve said them eight billion times…sometimes really loudly.


We’ve even had several days warm enough for water play, which is Finn’s most favorite thing in life. Whether it’s the Tower Grove Park pop jets or our little pools in the yard or just the hose, he’s down for water. And wants to drink as much as possible.



Big brother is always near by to try to take control of the hose or commandeer a toy…seriously they only want whatever the other one has. But for the most party they get along really well. At least the screaming is minimal.

Ethan keeps himself occupied with Jurassic Word pretend play (it’s constant), Legos, and the baby chickens that hatched in the first grade classroom. We visit them almost every day after school. I’ve even signed us up for a “watch them grow” program where we foster some baby chicks for a month in August…could be a disaster or awesome. We’re prepared for both.



While there have been a million things I’d planned to get out here and say, opinions I wanted to share, it took me a week to post these pics and I’m clearly just stretched thin right now. And choosing to focus on life rather than write about it.

In true May form, lots of events are packed into a small amount of time. I was part of a friend’s project this weekend, the result of which I hope to share soon. Ethan “graduates” from Pre-K in a week. The school’s biggest fundraiser is looming and yours truly is co-manning a committee. Stu’s taking Ethan to his first baseball game next weekend. There’s something every evening it seems.

Then summer. It’s coming fast.


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  1. Sandy schon permalink
    May 9, 2016

    Sounds perfect! Enjoy!!

  2. May 9, 2016

    Those chickens have been magical! So much fun in the first grade classroom. I’m going to miss this year and those teachers – although I said that about kindergarten as well!

    Soiree time!

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