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To My Second Baby on His First Birthday

2015 October 28
by Becky


Happy First Birthday Finn!!!

It may seem impossible, and totally not the norm, but I’m ready for you to turn one today. It just feels right. Sure the months have flown by, I get a little teary knowing you won’t be my tiny baby ever again, but in these twelve months you’ve rolled and crawled and pointed and cruised and babbled and even impressed us with some long free-stands…you are ready. You are a one year old. 

Very important, before I forget, I want to thank you. Thank you for being so incredibly agreeable. A second child through and through, no less special but so much easier. We have rarely felt stressed about you. We’ve been able to appreciate your baby phase in ways first-time parents just can’t, with anticipation and wonder. You’ve been really patient while we tend to your big brother—he gets to do so many things you can’t yet do—but you just sit back to watch. You’re so adaptable to our constantly changing routines, which usually involve being strapped in the car too many times each day. You just roll. So thank you.

You are so smart. Watching you grow and learn has been amazing. Seeing you figure out toys and processes is like watching magic happen. You love waving the key card to unlock the door at Ethan’s school, you could climb stairs all day. You love to read books, take baths, steal the bolt cover off the toilet, eat, pet animals, play with toys. You love to sleep. And your brother. You LOVE your brother and emulate his every move. He’s crazy about you too. I’m out-of-my-mind excited to see your relationship grow.

I look at your blue eyes and blonde hair and can’t believe you look just like me…everyone thought you’d look like Dad. You give a perfect smiley face to everyone. You pat my back when I pick you up. You say “Ma Ma Ma Ma” and “Da Da Da Da”. You stick your fingers through the Hungry Caterpillar book holes and are surprised every time I tickle them.

You’ve made me a better parent, more patient and less worried about the little stuff. You’ve made our family complete. You’ve been an absolute joy and I’m so grateful to be your mom. I can’t wait for you to smash your cake and pass this milestone because the fun is REALLY about to begin…walking. Talking. You’re going to love it!

Love you tons buddy,

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  1. October 28, 2015

    Such a sweet letter, Becky. Happy Birthday to Finn – what a doll.
    Kristin recently posted..sparkling pear punch (in the gut)My Profile

  2. Linda Johnson permalink
    October 29, 2015

    Beautiful letter to Finn. Brings tears to my eyes reading about the love and joys you have for him and his brother.

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