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Thanksgiving At Home

2015 November 30
by Becky

About two weeks ago I was faced with a conundrum.

Stu was planning to take Tuesday through Sunday off (and could have made Monday go away too), and here we had no plans. Zip, zero. I freaked, realizing this was a vacation length of time off, like we could GO somewhere…like Mexico. And while I think it would be sweet to continue on, writing an amazing post about how we got a list minute deal to Playa and spend Turkey Day on the beach, that didn’t happen. Instead, we used this time to relax, see friends, and prepare for the holidays. It was perfect.


That’s Ethan stirring our holiday toffee (I’m 6 inches away, watching like a hawk, don’t worry). Nothing makes it feel quite like Christmas than some molten caramel on the stove. “It’s like Lava!!” exclaimed Ethan. You have no idea buddy. I’ve got the scars to prove it.

We were thrilled to have our friends the Cooks join us for Thanksgiving dinner, and it was really amazing—much better than I’d anticipated dinner with a one year old, two year old, and two five year olds would go. Our turkey was, if I may say so myself, spectacular. I ordered a pre-brined bird from my new obsession, Bolyard’s Meats in our old ‘hood, and it was totally delicious. The kids ate cranberry sauce and pushed mashed potatoes around their plates until excused to the living room to watch The Grinch while the adults leisurely continued to fill our plates with seconds (and thirds). Finn was of course stuck in his high chair, but as long as there’s food, he’s pretty happy.


Next year Finn will be in that pile.

Speaking of Finn, he learned a new trick yesterday.


Standing up without assistance of furniture…he clearly thinks it’s awesome!! We’ve had a few sneaky steps, but Finn is otherwise still pretty unwilling to walk. It’s coming though, he’s close. It’s not a slow progression like Ethan was, it’s going to be me looking up to see Finn walking across the room. Filled with holiday decorations. Great.

That’s right, we didn’t wait for our turkey to digest before pulling out the decorations. I’m now even more in love with my yellow door…the boxwood wreath ($9.99 at Trader Joes!!) is the finishing touch.


We’re hosting a little (huge) shindig this weekend and need decorations up and ready. I put up our usual stuff and then went shopping with friends on Small Business Saturday and found the most amazing garland at my favorite shop, White Rabbit, to replace our old stuff…I’m so excited about the result. Our mantels look amazing.


And the decorating wouldn’t be complete without shredding my arms pulling mysteriously broken lights out of the old garland. What exactly happens in those storage boxes that lights go in working fine, but come out unwilling to shine? EVERY. YEAR.


It was mostly raining and cold, we were freezing and bundled up, but still made it to the Zoo—something Stu never gets to do. We dodged spurts of drizzling to visit the polar bear and the baby orangutang, then play in the Wild Wonder Outpost.




I’m so sad this room is no longer open on week day mornings, I don’t know how I’ll make it through winter without it!! Finn’s just now old enough to really enjoy it and Ethan was making a whole new kind of fun, building huge, elaborate habitats. At least we can go on the weekends.

I spent our final evening, last night, wanting to throw my laptop across the room after it started shutting down my programs, claiming it’s “at capacity”. No amount of deleting and/or moving files off seems to help anymore and I’m afraid (and excited!) it may be time to get a new one. So glad it’s decided to do this at my busiest time of the year project-wise. I’m knee deep in dinosaur decorations for Ethan’s birthday party and need to do our year-end video, plus there’s this whole blog thing I’ve been SO horrible at getting to.

In blog news, I’ll be hosting another giveaway for an amazing christmas gift in the next week or so, and you’ll want to enter for sure!!

Here ends the Thanksgiving re-cap, hope everyone had a fantastic time with their families and friends!

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  1. Linda Johnson permalink
    December 2, 2015

    Again a great blog Becky! I am so excited to visit at Christmas. I cannot wait to see those boys, your parents and of course you and Stu. I wonder if Finn will be walking for Christmas?
    See ya soon

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