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Ten on Ten : May 2012

2012 May 11
by Becky

It’s been a while since I’ve participated in A Little Bit of Sunshine’s Ten on Ten linkup. So here is yesterday, hour by hour (approximately), in pictures.

eric carle flash cards, eric carle, eric carle animal flah cards

music together class, baby music class, toddler music class

baby headphones, toddler headphones, child headphones

hemnes nightstand, hemnes

1 starting off the morning with our animal flash cards . 2 applying my twice-daily scar cream in hopes it will make my ugly mark go away. 3 ethan drumming at music class…gonna be like dad! 4 trying out the new baby headphones. 5 binding the advice mad libbs from Erika’s bridal shower. 6 breaking in my new heels for Kate’s wedding. 7 second ever sucker, under close observation. 8 watering the plants. 9 my most recent craigslist purchase. 10 couch time.

can anyone tell what movie we are watching? Matt, if you are reading this, I expect you to answer. HINT: It’s not a chick flick.
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