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Summer Dessert — Margarita Cupcakes

2011 June 20
by bvoboril


In my attempt to use the crazy amount of alcohol we have left over from various gathering (namely the Christmas Party!), I decided we needed a ‘boozy’ dessert. For some reason we had an unusually large amount of tequila on hand, so I got inspired.

My favorite baking blog, The Brown Eyed Baker, always has excellent confection recipes. So when I went looking for Margarita Cupcakes, BEB didn’t let me down!

These quick and easy cupcakes have everything I love. Flavor, fresh ingredients, and, most importantly, buttercream frosting!

As you will see in the Margarita Cupcake recipe, they have tequila in the batter, brushed on top, and in the icing. I used Cuervo Silver, not the gold stuff. Throw in some fresh squeezed lime juice and a pinch of salt and you have a knock-out cupcake!

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the mini cakes, but only some people really got the margarita feeling after consuming. I, for one, thought the salty, citrusy tang stood out and was followed up by a smooth hit of tequila. Maybe it’s because I haven’t had a margarita in over a year! These were a perfect compliment to a humid summer evening on the deck with friends.

I thought they were a success. Anyone else have a boozy summer dessert you like to make?

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  1. Sandy Schon permalink
    June 20, 2011


  2. June 21, 2011

    Now I’m reminded that there will be no more Christmas parties at your house….tear….What are we going to do without your amazing food and Stu’s drunken shenanigans? I miss you!

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