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Stuff My Kid Says…

2012 November 14
by Becky

As you know (or as you’ve read), Ethan is a BIG talker. I literally can’t believe the things that come out of his mouth.

It floors me every time and I can’t stand thinking about possibly forgetting even one word. So I’m writing this post now, and will put a link to it in my side bar (to the left to the left) so you can check back for updates. Or maybe not…you are most likely not as interested in every cute thing Ethan says as we are. Understandable.

But it will be here! Being constantly updated and full of adorableness.


“Gaga go bye bye in air”
11/5/2011  As soon as I walked in his room, first thing in the morning.

“Mama. What is that guy doing over there?”
11/5/2011  At the chiropractor waiting room, referring to a man laying on a table getting electric stim.

“I love Dewey. Good boy Dewey”
11/5/11  On the couch while hugging (laying on top of) Dewey.

“Aw crap!”
11/6/11  Repeating my statement after burning my hand.

“Poached eggies!”
  When asked what kind of eggs he liked. (And he really does LOVE poached eggies)

“When Dada gets home he make a fire?” and then “When Dada wake up in the morning, he make a fire?”
11/7/11  The kid may be a little obsessed with our evening fires.

“OH. MY. GOD.” (God said like Gee-ahd)
Every day. With perfect emphasis, in very applicable situations. 

“Choo choo take a nap.”
11/12/12  His understanding of why the electric train was turned off at the hobby store. 

“Played songs, row boat, sing songs, climb…”
11/13/12  Answer when I asked what he was going to do at Gymboree today.

“Those people need sit down! Those people!”
11/13/12  Practically yelled by Ethan at people entering the Ikea dining area. 

“Oh boy oh boy oh BOY!”
Starting 11/10/12  All the time, whenever he’s excited.

Be Right Back!”
Starting 11/10/12  Any time he leaves the room. 

“Come ‘ere goats! Wanna pet!”
11/15/12  Yelled to the goats at the DC zoo.  

“The ________ is broken! Mama/Dada fix it!”
Starting 11/15/12  About every. single. thing. 

“Uh, _________ fall down!”
Starting in November, about everything that even remotely falls down.

“But it’s not real.”
11/22/12 about the beautiful taxidermy owl a friend brought to Thanksgiving for Ethan to see.

“Grampa go get guineas.”
11/26/12 Bossing people around even through Skype, wanting to see my parents’ guinea fowl

“Good luck Mama!”
12/1/12  Said as he handed me flowers before my choir concert on Saturday. Stu practiced with him the whole way home from the store.

“Go Big Red!”
Starting 11/20/12  He hardly needs a cue for this anymore…just the sight of his Husker shirt or the mention of Nebraska is enough.

11/28/12  His response to my question “How big is Mama?” while he was measuring me with a tape measure. 

“It’s not real”
Starting in October during Halloween.  Said about anything he thinks may be a fake. We talked a lot about what was real and not during Halloween, so now he thinks he has the hang of it. He also claimed my friend Shannon’s brand new baby was “not real” this weekend…in his defense, Allister was sleeping very soundly in my arms.

“How bout…”
Said constantly. Apparently we say this a lot when helping him make decisions, so he says it all the time. “How bout applesauce?” in response to what he wants for lunch. “How bout dis one” when choosing toys/movies/books/anything. Hilarious.

“Common Dada!” Or Mama. Or Grandpa. Or anyone.
All the time. Clearly we said this a lot too because the kid is bossing us around where ever we go, especially when he eyes something he’d like to eat/do/see/touch. Always in the same tone.

“Shut Up!”
12/3/12  Said in general, to the room, several times, totally learned from us when we get annoyed with Dewey’s barking. Oops. 

“Cute Shoes Mama”
12/4/12  About my new glittery Tom’s shoes. Kid’s got style!

“I need that!”
12/4/12  About everything at the grocery store. Apparently I say this a lot while we’re food shopping. 

“ABCDEFGHIJK…em enn pee poo pee…QRSTUVWXYZ”
1/24/13  When singing ABC’s before nap, figured out a new way to get through the tricky section.

“That’s my Grandma & Grandpa” pointing to a picture. “We’re going to the Capitol”.
3/19/13  Indeed, in the photo, they are walking with him toward the US Capitol. All told to Ethan’s buddy Emerson during a conversation lull. 

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    The talking is amazing!,,

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    The talking is amazing!

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