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State of the Belly – 35 Weeks

2014 September 30
by Becky

Other than one hour of monitoring at the pregnancy assessment center after two full days of contractions (everything was totally fine), things around here have been pretty quiet!

And I’m getting what I wished for…huge.

35 Weeks


Let’s be honest, this mirror is very flattering. It doesn’t quite paint the proper picture of my enormity.

Because the weather refuses to cool down, I’m struggling to find comfortable clothes to wear every day. What Ethan’s school must think of me, waddling in wearing sweat pants and sandals at morning drop off. I’m just dreaming of the chilly fall days that require boots and cardigans! It would make trips to the park (and everywhere else) SO much more fun.

Speaking of trips to the park, I’ve been getting out quite a bit. Now that things aren’t so scary, we’ve made it to the farmers market each Saturday, my friend Catrina and I hit up a vintage market, and we made a family trip out to the county for a visit to the World Bird Sanctuary followed by a drive through Lone Elk Park.

Lone Elk Park- Swimming Elk

It was definitely worth the trip.

Sure standing and walking makes my puffy feet even puffier, the lovely veins in my calves even more prominent, but man it’s better than laying around the house all day. Sitting is still nearly impossible with this kid stuffed up in my ribs. I just try to take breaks after lots of activity. And I go to bed (relativity) early in an attempt to make up for all the times I get up during the night.

Oh and I started snoring. Loud. Waking myself up, not to mention Stu. So now I wear these sexy things at night.

35 Weeks -Snore Strips

They actually help. Really. We’re both much happier with my nostrils fully expanded.

Snoring aside, we’re doing all the things we missed out on last time—meeting with our doula, making a birth plan, packing the hospital bag, and reading the ends of the baby books. And, while I know they are usually off on these things, we were pretty thrilled when my doctor announced last week I was “measuring big”. Why do I have funny feeling this kid will wait till 42 weeks and be 10.5 pounds?


It’s pretty exciting to just hang out, waiting, doing all sorts of little things before baby boy arrives. A month feels like forever and tomorrow all in the same breath. But I am coming to the realization that these are the last days of life with only Ethan.

Ethan Duck Feeding

Just recently I’ve had a few panic attacks thinking about not giving Ethan all my attention anymore. As excited and distracted as I am waiting for this new baby, I get emotional over little things…like when I look around our house and realize we’ll have to take pictures out of frames to replace with our newest member and us as a family of four. I’ll have to tell Ethan “Just a minute” and “Not right now” a lot more often. I know this works, having more than one child to love, but when I look at the boy I’ve spent every second thinking about for almost four years it seems pretty impossible.

Good thing my hormones are raging to make this emotional roller coaster a little more dramatic.

Funny thing is, Ethan seems to be ready.

Ethan Plane Parade

He often asks things like, “Did mom have the baby last night?” upon waking up in the morning or “Are we going to go get the baby out now?” as we drive around in a car with an extra car seat installed. He runs up to tiny babies in strollers to oooh and ahhh and exclaim, “He’s so cute!!” We discuss how he’ll help, what he’ll teach his brother, and what will change when the baby arrives.

And how he will always be my baby. Just ask him, he’ll tell you.

So 35 weeks. Five more?


3 Responses
  1. October 1, 2014

    You can do it! You look fantastic, and I’m so glad you keep chugging along (despite the occasional hiccups).
    Kristin recently posted..multi-taskingMy Profile

  2. Linda Johnson permalink
    October 1, 2014

    You look marvelous and baby is growing. You brought tears to my eyes mentioning the time you have spent with Ethan and how he will always be your baby. What exciting times ahead for you and your family. I cannot wait!!

  3. Grandpa & Grandma Voboril permalink
    October 2, 2014

    Becky you look great! 5 more sounds great. Ethan’s going to make a great big brother.

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