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State of the Belly – 32 Weeks!!

2014 September 10
by Becky

It’s here!! 32 Weeks!! OMG!

32 Weeks Belly Pic

I know, there’s still 8 LONG weeks to go (hopefully) but we seriously didn’t think we’d get here.

Last I left you, I’d been told to stay on “modified bed rest” to get myself all calmed down from our preterm labor scare last week. Well everything has been nice and quiet in the belly since Friday at around noon, so my doc said no bed rest (there’s apparently no evidence supporting this actually works in these situations anyway), just take it easy and don’t over exert myself.

And drink TONS of water. Apparently I become dehydrated easily. Or at least I’m assuming that’s the case because I’m good at keeping up with the fluids and still got my body in a total state of emergency after just 24 hours of a stomach bug.


It wasn’t so bad kicking back for a few days. Ethan enjoyed lots of snuggle time, magnet puzzles, books, and more episodes of Rescue Bots (his OBSESSION) than I’m really comfortable with. Stu kept him entertained with runs in the park, the hardware store, yard work, and playing outside. They even went to a friend’s party that included cupcakes and fishing. Stu is Super Dad.

I’d been cleared to do school drop off on Monday morning so I escaped the house for about 20 minutes, but then it was back on my back. I didn’t mind so much because there are a lot more feelings going on these days…cramps, pressure, a little lightheadedness…all normal symptoms but a little scary for me nonetheless. I pretty much seconded guess everything.

pancakes and bed rest

Thank goodness for leftover pancake batter and Netflix. And my laptop.

I can safely say I had no problem keeping myself fed. My full time job seemed to be eating, resting, and peeing.

By Tuesday morning I was very ready for my follow up appointment. Ethan enjoyed the journey as always, exploring the exam room and exclaiming “Mom, this table is like a Transformer!!”


Yes buddy, exactly.

Doc gave me the (relative) all-clear so we immediately edited our morning plans. Instead of having visitors to the house, we met our friends at Rise Coffee House just in time for arts and crafts. This is one of our fav kid-and-mom-friendly hangs but we’d never joined a class before. Kudos to Terri from Craftibility for wrangling a bunch of under-five kids though a multi-step craft including no less than paint, glue, scissors, markers, AND tape.

Rise Coffee Craft Hour

I probably over did it and got a little overwhelmed in the hot crowded room, but we only stayed about an hour and then it was home for naps—all worth it to once again feel like a functioning member of society. I still feel like I’m going to miss so much, all the fall-weather activities I love will be pretty unattainable for me. Hoping I can at least make a trip to the pumpkin patch. And Halloween trick-or-treating. And a few farmers market visits.

Sadly, Vintage Market Days is probably not in the cards for me. (SOB!!!) But you can go!! Check out the details here.

I promise I’ll post something more interesting than the details of my gestation in the very near future. It’s just been a little all-encompassing lately. Thank you for all the phone calls, texts, coffee, food, and emails, I didn’t mean to scare everyone!

Hopefully it will be smooth (albeit uncomfortable) sailing from here to 40 weeks!

PS, did you see my feature on Apartment Therapy? Whoop! I always get a kick out of all the very opinionated commentors…hilarious. 

5 Responses
  1. September 10, 2014

    Hang in there! Good that you don’t have to be on bed rest any more! When you are resting though, be sure to use the time to brush up on your spelling :) That was the most absurd comment I have seen in a LOOO-ng time :)
    Cat @ MaryMarthaMama recently posted..Old School DeskMy Profile

    • Becky permalink*
      September 10, 2014

      Ha! Apartment Therapy put together the post, so I thought it pretty hilarious that people were commenting on spelling, which wasn’t at all wrong if one is writing for emphasis! Hilarious.

  2. Kristan permalink
    September 10, 2014

    Whoa! I’m so glad you and baby are ok!! Take it easy the next 8 weeks! Just have to add that Q is also OBSSESSED with Rescuebots! It’s ALL I here about. Oh….3 and 4 year old boys…:)

    • Becky permalink*
      September 12, 2014

      I think it’s so funny they still like the same things from across the country. My mom’s the one that got Ethan his first Rescuebot and it’s been all he talks about ever since!

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