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Last Winter Weekend (?)

2014 March 30
by Becky

I know I’m not alone here when I say:

This winter may be killing me.

Seriously, does winter usually last this long? Or are days staying home with a three year old just turning my brain to mush and making days, weeks, and months feel longer than they are? Because I’ve honestly forgotten what warmth feels like. I just want to crawl under the covers until Spring is actually here.

So any morning we can sleep in, we do. Well, I do anyway.


Cozy in our cocoon until the last possible minute we need to get ready for school/museum/playdate/zoo/gymnastics/gym. The mornings stay full and go fast.

It’s the afternoons.

Those moments when I hear Ethan stirring in his new big boy bed (of which I’ll be sharing pics soon), I’m finishing up a project at my desk just outside his door, and, like an emergency siren, a thought flashes through my head screaming, “What do you have planned for the next four hours?????!!!!” Answer? While at the beginning of winter it was something super fun and planned out, these days it’s usually nothing. We wing it. And an hour feels like 10.

Crackers buy me another five minutes of planning time.


Sometimes I’m so lost for an activity to keep us both happy that I announce, “Let’s get the car washed!” or “Let’s go to Target!”, excursions that won’t take us too far into the rush-hour traffic. Some days we will just read books for what seems like forever (a habit which lead me to hide our entire Berenstain Bear collection…can’t do it any more.) Long baths ending in a super-prune-of-a-kid are popular. Friday I tried, “Play with toys for 1 hour, then you can watch some Frozen. I’ll start the timer.” It worked.

All we need is jacket weather with little-t0-no wind and we’re out there on the Strider, racing around the neighborhood, Dewey strangling himself on the leash. But even these simple stipulations seem to be too much for a St. Louis March.

How desperate are we? Well, the Missouri Botanical Garden opened their phenomenal Children’s Garden this weekend and we were SO jazzed that we headed over even though the car thermometer read 43. Even though hats, winter coats, and gloves were required. We’ve been waiting all winter for this day, so we went.

And we froze.



Throughout the garden, I locked eyes with other parents, the same thought in our minds, “Well at least it’s not crowded!” as our frozen hands held firm in our coat pockets. Ethan didn’t really seem to mind.

Ok so I’m a big-time Debby Downer about the weather, yes the word “depression” comes out of my mouth much too often these days when describing my mood. But something good has come out of all this indoor time…Ethan is just shy of being fully potty trained.

Let me repeat…



I’ll share more deets later, disgusting hilarious tales of potty-land, but in a nutshell, waiting till he was ready was the best decision we ever made. Holy cow has this been a cinch compared to the nightmares I’ve had about the whole situation. He wants to do it and we are in total shock every time we hear the sound of the seat slamming open and pants being pulled down.

I was SO scared of potty training. (No really, I was terrified). But I haven’t washed diapers for THREE weeks and it’s like a vacation.

Anyway, Stu (and the app on my phone) tells me repeatedly that it’s only getting warmer from here on out. Regular outside time will be a part of our lives in the very near future. And yesterday we got a tiny preview of beautiful days to come…which still required pants and long sleeves. I planted pansies. It was glorious. Things are clearly blooming because I’ve got that constant-need-to-sneeze thing going on and can’t be away from a tissue box for more than 30 seconds. Still, a good sign.

But I’ll just sneeze my way outside every chance I get if it means not being stuck in the house.

What’s your favorite afternoon activity? 

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  1. Linda Johnson permalink
    March 31, 2014

    I hear ya Becky…it has been a long winter. We have not had much snow, but a lot of wind. Yesterday it was beautiful outside and helped mom trim her apple tree’s.

    Way to go Ethan!! Congratulations on his big time bathroom accomplishment.

  2. March 31, 2014

    I laughed out loud at the “preparing for potty” chart. The wind is blowing 90 miles an hour here with no hope for an end anytime soon!!! Help!!!

  3. March 31, 2014

    Don’t jinx it…

    Kristin recently posted..rainbows on the floor aboveMy Profile

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