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Shark Week Halloween

2013 November 4
by Becky

As many people already know, due to my incessant posting to Instagram, Ethan was a shark for Halloween.



No, I did not make this costume. I proudly paid $49 to Chasing Fireflies for this amazing Great White Shark costume.

It was worth every penny. Clearly I’m biased, but this was the cutest costume I’ve ever seen. And I have a funny feeling it will be getting used for more than just candy begging.

So Halloween. We did it up this year. I ran Ethan all over town to Halloween events, dressed in his costume and ready with his plastic pumpkin. The kid knew exactly what the goal of this “holiday” was…candy. OMG I am so sick of hearing, “Mom, can I have a piece of candy?”

AHHH! Why do we promote this holiday? For the past two weeks our days usually started with, “Ethan, what do you want for breakfast?” to which he answers, “Candy.”

No amount of explaining how a) candy is not a suitable meal, and b) candy rots your teeth our of your head could scare Ethan away from constantly asking for the sweet stuff. And while I’m happy to let down my guard on the actual night, I wondered why exactly I was promoting this holiday and it’s main objective SO much?

Because I paid $49 for a costume that will fit for exactly three months, that’s why.


Between our trips to the Magic House, Boo at the Zoo, Trunk or Treat with the Moms Club, and Kirkwood Downtown Business Trick or Treat, we made sure to get that pumpkin carved. This year he was quite a bit more interested in helping.





He even got dirty with the slimy guts! Last year he was TOTALLY freaked out by the seeds and gook removed during the carving process. We went with a classic toothy grin…none of that fancy stuff around these parts.

Ethan even posed for the design.

PumpkinCarving5 EthansPumpkin

He and his Jack O’ Lantern got pretty tight.

Along with all the candy? COTTON candy. When headed to Kirkwood with his buddy Claire for some trick or treating at businesses, one place, The Sugar Shack, had a mile-long line due to them handing out freshly spun cotton candy. Ethan did not know what to think of the stuff…didn’t even know he was supposed to eat it. And he got pretty weirded out by the gooey mess each bite left behind. He somehow muscled through and got the whole sugary mound down.


Yet another instance of me force feeding my child pure sugar…why???

Because it’s all in the spirit of the holiday. We as parents go temporarily insane when cute costumes are involved.

My favorite trick or treating comments were “Candy-gram!” or “Land Shark!” from the adults reminiscing about the old Chevy Chase sketches on SNL. If you haven’t see them (because they are from 1975), here’s a link.


The big day rolled around, and after all the practice throughout the week, we were ready. Too bad Mother Nature had other plans—it poured all day. By 6pm we headed out in a light drizzle, sporting rubber boots and rain coats, umbrellas in hand. It wasn’t cold, just damp and dreary, but to Ethan it was paradise. After each house he’d say, “Not going home yet!” as if we were about to cut him off any second.

Good think his shark costume fit right down over his rubber boots and the thick material kept his little head nice and dry.




While we weren’t sure what kind of trick or treating our street would provide, it turned out to be the perfect place—neighbors out on their stoops ready for kids with big bowls of candy. Some even met us half way to avoid slippery steps. A few houses went all out with grave yards, spider webs, ghosts, and skeletons creeping out of the ground. Ethan doesn’t really understand all this stuff so he thought it was very cool. He was quite frightened by one person dressed up in a Spy vs. Spy costume and refused to get close enough for candy, but nothing else phased him.


Well, nothing phased him but exhaustion from climbing countless steps in the wetness. We made through both sides of almost two blocks and called it quits, going home to turn on our lights and hand out candy. The Great Pumpkin was on so Ethan ran back and forth between the door and the couch, screaming “Kids! More Kids!” each time we had visitors. Apparently this year was low key due to the rain, in years past hundreds of trick or treaters visit our street. Everyone was polite (not counting the few groups that rang our doorbell AFTER the lights were out, signaling our candy-less-ness) and we had a great time participating.

Next year I’m thinking we actually decorate a little (gag) and hand out candy while basking in the glow of a fire pit, chocolate martinis in hand. Just hope it doesn’t rain!

As for the candy? I told Ethan to eat as much as he wanted that night (which wasn’t a lot) and said that was it. No more candy till next year.

Then I promptly hid the stash where Stu and I can access it for months to come.

Now we need to get ready for the best holiday of the year…Turkey Day.

7 Responses
  1. November 4, 2013

    That was the best costume. Love the picture of Stu and Ethan walking down the sidewalk!!!

  2. Grandpa Joe permalink
    November 4, 2013

    Grandma took My Comment…………….Love the picture of Stu and the Land Shark.
    Guess you’ll need Grandparents help next year…… you can do the chocolate martinis and hand out the candy while we take Ethan around. See you next Halloween!

  3. Linda Johnson permalink
    November 4, 2013

    I too agree with Grandpa and Grandma Schon. I love the pic of Stu and Ethan walking down the sidwalk. I also like the picture of Ethan on the stairs with his carved pumpkin.

    His Shark costume is the best! Maybe Ethan can find a shark tooth on the beach in Maui. I have a few I found when I was there. Ask Amy for a good spot to hunt down shark teeth.( They should not be too too sharp for the little man)

    Thanks again Becky for your wonderful blog.

  4. November 4, 2013

    It’s just too cute!

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