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My Second Baby On His Second Birthday

2016 October 28
by Becky


Happy Birthday Finn!!!

I woke this morning with your birthday the first thing on my mind…that never happens except with you and your brother, I can’t remember anyone else’s birthday until my first cup of coffee has been consumed. Anyway, I couldn’t wait to sing you Happy Birthday and snuggle in bed while I told you your birth story…you had no idea what the heck I was talking about but next year you’ll love hearing it. And though we had your party last weekend and we’re having cupcakes with friends this afternoon, I felt like we needed to celebrate this morning…and I was secretly really happy it would be just the two of us. Happy we could do something fun where you got every second of my attention, happy we could get some lunch in the sunny fall breeze, just you and me. Happy to have you to myself.

So what are you like at two? Independent. You can do everything all by yourself. You like walk everywhere, no strollers, and you leap down every step, fly up every staircase. Getting dressed, brushing teeth, putting on shoes and socks, getting in and out of the car…it’s all you. You’ve taught yourself colors, I swear it wasn’t me. You can count to 20 (apparently you got to 28 once). You know all the animals sounds. You are speaking in full sentences, like “Mama I need a drink of water” or “Look at the sunshine up in the sky!” You are so athletic, you like to throw and catch balls, slide down anything on a slope, jump on trampolines, take gymnastics class, and you’ve made bath time a full contact sport. You are amazing at playing with toys, especially anything to do with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, pigs, stomp rockets, trains, and trucks. And you could read books for hours! Your favorites right now are Pete the Cat’s Groovy Buttons, anything with Little Blue Truck (Leads the Way, Halloween, and Christmas), Dig Dogs Dig, and How the Sun Was Brought Back to the Sky.

You love your family! We had tons of family in town this past week and you loved playing with everyone.

And you LOVE your brother. You think Ethan is the moon and stars. Every morning when we drop him off at school you call, “Bye E-an! Bye E-an!” Any time he plays with you as an equal, you are in heaven. You are starting to test the limits with him a little, giving him a few kicks and treading on his turf to see what happens, but it’s all out of love. You want to do what he’s doing, watch what he’s watching (unless it’s Transformers Prime, I don’t blame you, it’s awful), imitate any noise or movement he’s making, and eat what he’s eating…which is why you’ve been requesting sushi every day for a week.

Finn you are so smart, you have a huge heart, and you are so totally adorable. I can’t believe how much you look and act like your brother while being completely your own little person at the same time. Watching you grow has been exhilarating, I’m so excited for every minute that comes next.

Love you to infinity and beyond,

(I’ll be sharing pics from Finn’s pig themed birthday party next week! It was a blast)

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  1. Linda Johnson permalink
    October 29, 2016

    Beautiful Becky! Thanks for sharing all about Finn with his Nebraska grandma. He is such a sweet child.

  2. Collleen Milligan permalink
    November 3, 2016

    Great Pics Becky. What a party!!

    Colleen Milligan

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