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Road Trip!

2013 August 12
by Becky

I took a little trip last week.

With my friend Catrina.

And our three kids, Claire (3), Ethan (2.5), and Eli (6 weeks).

To Chicago.

At exactly 9:45am on Wednesday morning, we decided to head out on the five hour drive. Later that day.

I think making our decision so spontaneously took my mind off the whole entertaining-our-toddlers-for-five-hours thing, and I’m glad it did because the kids were great, so worrying was unnecessary. It was no sweat! They watched movies, talked, napped (sort of), ate like they’d never tasted food before, played I Spy, and a few iPad games later we were there.

And while we had a little “business” to do, there was plenty of time to have a blast exploring with the kids. My favorite parts of the trip were 1) spending quality time with my friend and 2) watching our kids have so much fun together. They truly are best buds.


Ethan often says, “Claire is my Favorite!” and I believe he means it.

It was a whirlwind three days, but very fun and totally worth the drive! And thanks to my new doctor for hooking me up with some very effective yet safe meds that are actually taking the edge off my back pain…otherwise there’s no way I could sit in a car that long.

So, while I’m talking about road trips, here’s a couple iPhone/iPad apps to download for your next long drive:

Nighty Night
best toddler apps
best toddler apps

best toddler apps

(Ethan started playing Tozzle a little before 2, but the others we just downloaded recently.)  

The question we asked most on the trip? “How the heck did our parents do this without iPads?”


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