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Reveling in the Weekend

2013 January 20
by Becky


After what seems like an endless stream of exciting/stressful/holiday/crazy weekends, we honestly just had a quiet weekend.

It’s been weird around here. Not a flake of snow, but many promises. OK, that’s not true—there were those huge flakes on December 29th, right in the midst of Ethan’s birthday party. But even the promises of multiple inches, there’s still not sign of the white stuff.

It actually got warmer! Which made for a perfect weekend. Full of ducks. Sunshine. Long walks. Cream cheese banana bread (the best). Homemade pizzas.




pizzaPS: This is an Apple, Bacon, and Gouda pizza… UNbelievable. Find it here

I had my new toy to play with, making me wonder how I ever lived without a Silhouette! It’s already helping me fill Etsy orders from my tiny shop and we whipped up some adorable Valentine’s Day decor too.



There was plenty of snuggle time. Vintage books in Ethan’s on-going “I find new book” phase. Cheap prosecco. And, our fav, a stop at Shake Shack.





I did some catching up on my Daily Show recordings. Our Sunday night shows (GIRLS, Californication, Shameless). And we curbed Ethan’s new craving—goat cheese on tomatoes. The kid can’t get enough.



This sort of feels like a calm before the storm…whatever it is, for however long it lasts, it feels great.

The next week is filled with preschool, a trip to the Baltimore National Aquarium, playdates, gym time, and just reveling in this peacefullness that comes with the new year.

Hope everyone’s weekend was fantastic! And welcome to all my new visitors…hope you are enjoying the blog!

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  1. January 21, 2013

    Sounds heavenly. You guys deserve a quiet weekend filled with family activities and good food. Cupcake prosecco!? Have to get some.

  2. Grandpa Joe permalink
    January 21, 2013

    The Silhouette sounds like it was made for you.
    How long will it be before you have a “3-D Printer”……….

    And I love the pizza Ethan was baking in his oven.

  3. January 26, 2013

    Yay you got one!!!! Best toy ever. :-)

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