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2013 December 10
by Becky

While I thought we were travel warriors, impervious to the forces of jet lag, I was wrong.

Dead wrong.

After a busy weekend, catching up on life after ten days away, I sprung out of bed on Monday in a complete panic. What day was it? What time was it? Where was I? were all thoughts that raced through my head before realizing it was indeed Monday, it was 8am, and I was at home, completely unprepared to get Ethan to school on time. I’d stupidly woken up at 6am and laid back down for “just a few more minutes”.

And that was the start to what is sure to be an interesting week.

So far there’s been more crying than usual—surely the time change is to be blamed—as well as a bit of digestive “irregularity”. Sleep schedules are all over the place making naps longer, bed times later, and wake up times completely unpredictable. The fact that it’s totally dark by 5pm can’t help things.

A good indicator of Ethan’s trouble with readjusting was his school drop-off melt down—totally out of character. Typically he’s telling me, “You can go now Mom” after two minutes in his classroom. Luckily he recovered quickly once his teacher offered up some fascinating activity options. When I arrived to pick him up, he was stuffing his face with lunch as usual. He over-napped and whined all evening, refusing to play with anything other than christmas tree ornaments.

Tuesday I thought we’d schedule things out a bit, get back in a groove. His study coordinator (we’ve been part of a study at Barnes Jewish Hospital since Ethan’s was born) stopped by in the morning to get his three year measurements, we ate breakfast, did a puzzle, read books, then we were off to a playdate. At noon we grabbed lunch next to Michael’s Craft store where we needed to pick up a few last minute holiday items and supplies for a craft play date we’re hosting next week.

My first mistake? Letting Ethan walk, as opposed to riding in the stroller, while we shopped. I can’t stand the organization of the store…I can’t ever find anything. Add to that Ethan running rampant and it was taking 10 times longer to get this “quick errand” done.

Cue the sound of breaking glass. Yep, I’m the mom who let my kid break something. The staff was very nice about it.

Items finally collected, we headed for the register and hit a line. Craft shopping is apparently the thing to do at 12:30 on Tuesdays.

Having corralled him to the cart, I briefly noticed Ethan scratching his back. “Something is sticky,” he says bringing his hand around to inspect. It’s covered in poop.

Cue panic sweat.

“Ewww! Did you get something on your hand sweetie?” says the lady next in line. My horrified expression and whisper-shout of, “Don’t move! Don’t touch anything!” while diving in my purse for wipes must have startled her into understanding the situation. We ran for the restroom.

Things got pretty gross from there so I’ll just share the highlights:

– I left the wet bag (for cloth diapers) in the car because it already contained what I thought was Ethan’s only poopy diaper for the day.

– His pants were ruined, I had no back-ups.

– My emergency diaper was in the car glove compartment.

– I used his SHIRT for pants, sticking his legs into the arms and pulling it up over his stomach, then putting his coat on top of it all.

– We bailed on the cart, making our already annoying errand completely worthless.

Needless to say it took a while to clean up the mess, making us super late for nap, causing Ethan to sleep even later than usual so he woke up extremely fussy, and basically negating any “schedule” I attempted to realign.

Somehow we made it through the whole ordeal without getting poop on anything in the store, my car, or my clothes. But after the crazy amount of effort it took me to control the contamination situation, I’m now positive everything in public places has been in close contact with human feces.

Tomorrow is another day. Another chance to get back on schedule.

Here’s hoping it includes more smiles.

And less poop.


5 Responses
  1. angie permalink
    December 11, 2013

    Omg I’m so sorry! I’ve day you’ll laugh about it like I am now lol

  2. December 11, 2013

    That’s the first time I’ve heard about poop up the back!!!! Glad I missed it!!

  3. Amy Voboril Kohlhepp permalink
    December 11, 2013

    And to think we go thru this jet lag craziness every summer! It does gt easier and easier :) hang in there, we sure miss you guys.

  4. December 15, 2013

    This pretty much sums up my feelings on Michael’s.

    Sorry that you had to endure the real-life manifestation of my innermost feelings on big box craft stores.

    And thank you for your attention to sanitation. Ewww.
    Kristin recently posted..scenes from a saturday(s)My Profile

  5. Brisa R. permalink
    February 14, 2014

    OMG this is my nightmare. I have a 4 month old and things can get soooo crazy doing errands with kids. This stressed me out haha. Hope things get better!

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