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Rain, Sunshine, Snow, Wind, Heat.

2013 April 22
by Becky


Never in my life have I experienced such a crazy week of weather.

We wore winter clothes AND shorts—sometimes all in the same day. Rubber boots constantly (which I loved…any excuse to break out the Hunters). Our backyard was in a constant state of muddiness. I gave up on my hair thinking, “What’s the point?”

The warm weather I mentioned was scarce, so our Botanical Gardens and playground plans were put on hold.

We headed to the Science Center and are now proud holders of a family membership—anyone want to go?


We had lunch out. Thai, beignets, pizza, sandwiches…Ethan ate it all.


We discovered what we now call “Super Special Bubble Baths” (involving jacuzzi jets for maximum bubbleability).


SuperBubbles1(Don’t worry, my swim suit is intact. This is a family blog!) 

We made a couple stops at our neighborhood coffee house, Hartford Coffee. Java + toddler area = perfect place to relax for a bit.


And there was plenty of puddle stomping.



We had some weekend visitors from Omaha—Baby Dayton and his family! Ethan was down right psyched for Dayton to “play”. At five months, sitting, smiling, and eating is about all he playing the little cutie can do, but at least the adults had fun with him.


And finally, by Sunday afternoon, Spring was back. Our neighborhood is just stunning.

While this will always be my favorite season, it’s causing a little problem with the Hubs and the Peanut.


While mostly feeling very good, Ethan is coughing at night and has a runny nose during the day. And has spells of SUPER whiney-ness (is that a symptom?). I’m not sure if it’s just the extreme temperature and humidity swings or just plain old seasonal allergies, but whatever the case it’s making the boys a little uncomfortable these days. I’ll be calling our pediatrician tomorrow to get more information about what we can do. 

I’m lucky to avoid the seasonal-yuck because my off hours have been dedicated to filling Etsy orders, helping friends with projects, and getting things ready for Kate’s baby shower this weekend, of which I can’t wait to share pictures! 

Hope this week brings sunny skies for maximum outside time! And I really hope there are some tulips left in Forest Park… 



4 Responses
  1. Wuselbibi permalink
    April 22, 2013

    Hi Becky,
    how crazy that you´re having the same weather as we do here in Germany. Last week we had rain, icy wind, and sun including the need of sunblocker (!) and hats. Stomping puddles is very popular here right now, too! What would we do without rubber boots? Invent them, hopefully ;-)
    Enjoy the spring days and make many many pictures please. I really love seeing them. Your peanut is great, I hope, he´s outgrowing the allergies… so far, there´s nothing like that in sight with our little man here. Thank God.
    Ah, and not to forget: your touching game (go touch the XYZ-desk-floor-wall-whatever) made my morning. Little Man Jo was so over the top, I had to try something that included me sitting down for a while and him running. It was GREAT! Thanks a lot for sharing that idea. Won´t be the last time we played that :-)
    Best regards! Looking forward to new stories!

  2. April 28, 2013

    LOVE the photo of you and your son in the bubble bath – how sweet! I found your blog as I was browsing blogs listed on top baby blogs :)

    • Becky permalink*
      April 28, 2013

      Thanks and welcome Gillian! So glad you found us :) We’ve become quite addicted to “Super Bubble Baths”

  3. August 6, 2013

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