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Presidents’ Day in Old Town

2013 February 20
by Becky

I’ll admit I’ve hardly noticed Presidents’ Day as a holiday in the past. Not that I don’t think our past leaders are important to recognize, but come on, it’s not much of a holiday unless you get the day off.

But here in Old Town Alexandria, the home of George Washington, it’s a BIG deal.

George is from Alexandria, his home (Mount Vernon) is just eight miles south, and apparently his funeral was held at the Old Presbyterian Meeting House, less than a block from our front door.

Kinda crazy.




We  missed most of this parade last year due to Ethan’s just-over-one-year-old status and his inability to a) care about people walking down our street and b) stay awake past 1pm. So this year I got him all jazzed up for some fun parade action and we pushed his nap back a bit…something we rarely do.

But the kiddo was psyched. He watched them getting ready for at least an hour before show time.

From our bedroom window.





So we set up camp at the bottom of our front stoop. Brontosaurus and “Ethan Ele-sant” in hand, the distant sound of drum cadences drifting down the street.




This wasn’t his first parade—they are a pretty frequent thing around Old Town (St. Patties Day and the Scottish Walk are just two)—so he waved and said “Happy Presidents’ Day” to the parade walkers. Danced to the many bands that marched by. And he made it quite a while before all-out breaking down due to sleepiness.

The firing of civil war rifles didn’t help the pending fussiness (those things are LOUD!).





It’s not every day the Marine Corps Band marches 10 feet from your front door. By the way, they are incredible.



I love the horse and buggy photo because our old house surely saw countless horse-drawn carriages in it’s day. Made me feel like  a part of history.

And speaking of our old house…




Holy cow that “Fore Rent” sign really makes this whole move real.

And now I’m tearing up while writing this post that started out all happy, just talking about the silly parade.

Pretty much sums up my days lately.

Wow did this post take a turn. On a happier note, we are house hunting this week! Yay! (Sob) Yay!



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  1. February 23, 2013

    I love your clever posts. Do you have O’brien’s number for the bus service? I can’t seem to locate them. Many thanks!

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