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Pre-Holiday Daze

2014 December 19
by Becky

Every spare minute these days has been spent getting ready for the holidays—travel plans, gift building, holiday cards, birth announcements, teacher gifts, play dates, doctors appointments, school events—and since spare minutes are few and far between, the days have been flying by. Blogging haunts me. Computer time is impossible. I wrote this in a total of 15 minutes and was interrupted 23 times.

There are so many things I’d like to get done and can’t that I’m back to wearing my night guard to sleep. The ridiculous stress dreams (the ones that are about absolutely nothing important, like mailing a letter or waiting tables) were causing me to clench my jaw all night. I’m chalking it up to my craving for organization mixed with our current all-over-the-place complete lack of schedule.

Even meals are scarce, if food is made it’s usually eaten like this:


I’m totally convinced babies smell food and get hungry, because every time I have it in front of me he decides he needs to eat too.

For 3.5 years I cherished and relied on our post-bedtime evenings that have now been taken over by a cluster-feeding infant. Add in some traveling for Stu leaving me solo for a night or two and I’m painfully tired.

One thing of which I’ll never tire is brotherly love. The boys are ridiculously cute together, there’s nothing but happiness between them.



Ethan is so sweet and interested in Finn. Not in an overbearing or obnoxious way, just in an occasional hug or kiss or an, “Awww! Finn’s so cute!” I have no doubt, Ethan is very much in love with his brother.

We gave Finn his first spin on the activity mat this week and it ended in Ethan bringing over a blanket to snuggle them both up for a little Lego Movie watching (have you seen this movie???? we quote it alllll day long). I almost cried, this little display of love was so precious and genuine.


We finally made it over to the park for the first time since Finn arrived, last Sunday was amazingly beautiful. No coats, blazing sun. Finn loves riding in the stroller and it’s a shame the weather won’t allow more of it, poor kid needs the fresh air!



I spent many minutes in the last few weeks finding a few really special and thought-out gifts for Ethan, the most time consuming of which was certainly the Lego table. After watching the Lego Movie he got totally re-inspired with his Legos and wants to become a “master builder”. He LOVES building space ships and fighter jets and huge robots out of his Duplo legos—he’s getting REALLY good at it—and decided he’d like a table on which to build. He specifically asked Santa.

Easy project, right? That’s what I thought as I quickly purchased some building plates on When only 1/3 of my order arrived, I realized there’s apparently a shortage of Lego building plates. Seriously, the 10″ x 10″ plates are completely sold out or selling at double the normal price. Even the 15″ x 15″ are hard to find so I called our Lego store to reserve the ONLY ones they had and was almost beat down by another building-plate-seeking parent when I went to pick them up.

So the other day we went up to the third floor play room and the train table was GONE! In it’s place was a note of sorts.


“Where’s your table Ethan?” we asked.

After sounding out the word “Santa”, spelled in Legos, he announced, “Santa took my train table to turn it into a Lego table!” like it was totally no big deal, happens every day and totally makes sense.

The table was actually moved to the bathroom up there, the one we never use and is big enough to provide a work space to do a little painting and Lego plate glueing.

This was the most minimal DIY we’ve ever done. I’ll be shocked if it holds up a month. While everyone on the interweb swears by LiquidNails or Super Glue, the people at the Lego store recommended hot glue for adhering the plates to a surface. As I’d feared, it proved to be a quite difficult method since hot glue dries in about 4 seconds.


I screwed up on the second plate I placed (three minutes into the project) and spent ten minutes peeling hot glue off the plate. If you want tips, read EVERY other example on Pinterest, do not listen to me.

At least Ethan will think it’s great! We also snagged 100 additional Duplo pieces on eBay for $25 so he will be a building fool tomorrow…Santa’s coming to our house early since we will be traveling for the actual holiday.



I can’t forget to talk about Chubs up there. Here’s what’s happening:

  • Boy is weighing in at 10 pounds 7 ounces and is 21.75″ long.
  • We can’t tell if his hair is getting thicker or if it’s just our imagination, but it’s definitely not falling out yet.
  • His sleeping is all over the place, sometimes 3.5 hours sometimes 6, but his night and day rhythm is very well established. He goes right down at night after eating, no fuss.
  • He’s smiling a lot
  • He still loves baths
  • He is VERY alert
  • He loves to “stand” on our laps while flailing his arms.
  • He got his two month shots this week, a week early due to our travel plans, and was not happy about it.
  • He’s getting really good at napping during the day, I just follow his cues and get no fuss.

Finn is a precious boy and we are having so much fun with him.

If I don’t post before, Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Hope your holiday is wonderful. 

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  1. December 20, 2014

    I love the pictures with the boys. They are going to be great friends. ETHAN looks so grown up and FINN is huge and adorable. I know you’ll have a wonderful holiday. Can’t wait to see them December 31 for a week of birthday and belated Christmas celebrations.

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