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Powder Room Renovation

2018 January 30
by Becky

This is our first floor powder room. It’s a tiny little place in our kitchen, one that was a blip on our renovation radar when we bought the house. I actually thought it was kind of cute—sink skirt and all— and didn’t have many plans to change it.

Course, I saw the house for a whole 15 minutes before we signed contracts, so my judgment wasn’t to be trusted. Plus, we were kind of renovation-overwhelmed, considering we knew from the start that the 2nd and 3rd floor bathrooms needed to torched to the studs…yes they were/are that bad. I say were because the 3rd floor bath—the Kids’ zone—is done. It was first on the chopping block so we’d have somewhere to shower when we did the 2nd floor, or the “master” bath. It was quick and dirty, involves subway tile, and turned out lovely. Sure it’s now covered in a light layer of toothpaste at all times, but at least there’s no cracked tiles or wonky chest-height, middle-of-the-wall shower heads.

Naturally we thought the master bath was up next, a room of which which I’d love to show you pictures now, but that is a WHOLE other post. For now just imagine off-white and broken tiles, ridiculously uneven grout lines, and the ugliest fixtures you’ve ever seen.

But no, this itty space is jumping the line.

It’s the first floor bathroom located right in the middle of the most-used room of our house, the kitchen, so it’s a busy place. And it wasn’t long before we started thinking it needed a serious update. Maybe it’s the peeling wallpaper or the gaps at the baseboard. It could be the grimy faucet or the shelf that doesn’t cover the pen markings that were made on the wall to hang it.

That black and white tile looks ok from afar, but a little closer look shows cracks and very gross grout lines that no amount of scrubbing can eliminate. When you step on it, it kind of feels like it may all just lift up with your shoe.

I had fun designing a plan for this space. I’ve been eyeing wallpapers for months, looking for the perfect one to pop out of this room. WOW can they be expensive. I some how picked one that was shockingly reasonable (once I tracked it down) and was what brought the space together in my mind, I saw it and knew it was the perfect pattern and color pallet.

Here’s what will be happening:

Powder Room Design Board

Sources: Corner shelf, Penny Tile, Wallpaper, Sconce, Corner SinkFaucet,
Hex Towel Ring
Reclaimed Wood Shelf

So the feature is the wallpaper, but the tile will be quite amazing as well. I’ve been oogling penny tile for a while now and this is the perfect opportunity to get some down. I love the color variation and it will look great with a grey grout. Our one rule for this bathroom was NO WHITE GROUT. It looks clean for only about a second after installation and nobody has time for that. I’m hoping the wood shelves will warm up the space, plus maybe a plant or two.

So that’s the ‘mood’. It should be complete in the next couple weeks since we’ve hired out the work, which is kind of killing me. It’s not only the extra cost, I just miss the days of massive DIY projects, the ones where we’d demo and realize we have no idea what we’re doing and it takes five times longer than it should but we learn a lot and end up with a space that was our masterpiece. I’m sure I’ll feel differently once I see what a huge mess this will be and how many road blocks the crew must navigate through…200 year old homes are no picnic to work with.

Can’t wait to show off the finished space!

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  1. Linda Johnson permalink
    January 31, 2018

    I cannot wait to see the end project!

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