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No-Plan Friday

2014 June 27
by Becky

It’s Friday and we have NO plans. Not a one. Totally unusual for us, we would typically have this day filled up with a play date, errands, nap-time projects for me, and an afternoon idea. Makes the days run smoothly and they never drag on aimlessly.

BUT, sometimes it’s nice to have no plans. To sleep in. Make cinnamon rolls. Drink coffee out of a pretty cup instead of a travel mug.




Sit on the porch in the BEAUTIFUL weather (aka NO humidity), doing some workbooks and checking email to the sounds of power drills and saws up in the nursery.



Spending time walking around the yard we spent so many hours planting this spring. The tomatoes and herbs have been a whole educational experience for Ethan…he checks EVERY DAY for red tomatoes. When he finds them, they rarely make it into the house, winding up in his tummy.

There’s a big one he’s been eyeing for a week now.




And I can’t help but laugh when I peek at the yard’s corner, filled with a million pieces of Ethan’s new play set that was delivered this week.


Speaking of the nursery, things are coming along quickly…we’ll be painting very soon. And we are SO SO SO very glad we hired this job out. It would have taken us at least seven months to get this room finished. I’ve spent some time running around to various specialty stores getting moldings and hardware and a door to match the 5-panels throughout our house. Faking some leaded glass and figuring out a theme are next on the list.



The first is a view from our hallway, which is NOT dark as we feared it would be, and the second is a view from inside the room. It’s small, but perfect for a baby and gets tons of natural light. The transoms in the stairway wall will help bring light into the whole hallway.

We’re not sure what this day will bring our way, but I DO know tonight will be fun. I’m surprising Stu with a night out for his birthday! He turns 35 today…how did that happen?

And where did June go? How is it July already?

And why hasn’t anyone figured out my nursery theme for me yet? Seriously, blank slate here.



4 Responses
  1. June 27, 2014

    Kind of jealous of your no-plan friday! :)

    Progress, progress. So exciting. It feels extra good to hire things out. Maybe you hire someone to put together that playset as a birthday gift for your (young) husband.

    I’ve got nursery ideas aplenty. I’d much rather design a nursery than study for exams. Nose down, though. Got to plug through.

    My sis and family are coming into town and I’m not studying for the next 32 hours. I can’t wait. So we have a full-plan weekend ahead which is something to look forward to this afternoon. Enjoy your Friday. I still want to come by and see the place sometime soon.
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  2. Linda Johnson permalink
    June 28, 2014

    The flowers are beautiful and Ethan is such a pro at taking a photo. Your nursery space looks great! I wonder what nursery colors Ethan would choose?

    I still cannot believe Stu is 35!!! Where did that time go!!

    Counting down the days till you come.. Big time 4th at Grandma’s Johnson’s house this year.

  3. June 28, 2014

    The room looks great. Can’t believe how much light is in the hallway. Lots of projects at your house!!! Love the lush yard and can’t believe Ethan eats tomatoes off the vine. The play set is another story. Wish dad was there to help but Stu is an engineer!!!! Good thing.

    Looking forward to your week here in Scottsbluff. Lots of things to do and people to see.

  4. October 8, 2014

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