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Month Nine

2014 October 12
by Becky

Holy cow, month nine of pregnancy is no joke.

I’m starting to think my body was not cut out for this as things are getting unbearable interesting around here.

My biggest complaint is still the ribs…sitting is almost impossible. The next biggest predicament is my ridiculously swollen feet/ankles/calfs. I can’t wear socks without their indentations staying in my legs for a whole day after their removal, and the only shoes that fit are my flip flops or Uggs. Getting said shoes ON takes several breaks, lots of grunting, and follow up trip to the bathroom.


I still can’t get over the fact that this baby is at least a pound bigger than Ethan was when we BROUGHT HIM HOME and yet this one is still happily floating in utero. My belly is less round then it is an exact outline of the scrunched up baby, clear protrusions where his little legs, butt, and shoulders are positioned.

As you can probably tell from my lack of posting, my motivation is in the dumpster and even when I do get “inspired,” I’m limited in my comfortable computer-working positions. Right now laying in bed propped up with no less than five pillows AND a body pillow which gets me about an hour of bearable writing/editing/project time before the cramps set in from being on my back…or till I have to pee which requires a resettling of the whole scenario.


Ah motivation. I’m in this ridiculous limbo where one minute I tell myself,
“You’re only 36 weeks, there’s plenty of time left to get all these projects you want done done!”

and then I immediately contradict myself by saying,
“I’ve been having contractions all day, this kid could be here any minute.”

Fueling my procrastination while stressing myself out is always good.

So what are my all-important “projects”? In addition to the every day things, I’ve added:

The Nursery
OMG I hate even walking into the nursery. Not trying to be Debby Downer here, but seriously, we are at the swirling vortex of finishing touches stage that no one can stand. There are about four tiny things I need to do to finish this tiny room and every time I go to do one, it a) doesn’t work, b) screws up something else that then needs to go on the list to be fixed, or c) needs a little creativity to get done…creativity I cannot eek from my baby-brain.

For instance, the cute ceramic branch hooks I bought at Urban Outfitters a year ago and never hung in Ethan’s room were going to be a perfect addition to our changing table closet area. I stupidly decided to go for it and hang them on the plaster/masonry wall only to discover the backing on the hooks is completely worthless in it’s construction, making the hooks terribly insecure and therefore resulting in three dusty holes in my wall. Hooks = trash can. I ordered some simple ones on Amazon to hang next week when they arrive.

And our curtains? I found a miracle sale on 108″ white canvas curtains at West Elm—$30 a panel!—but when I washed them to remove the severe packaging wrinkles, they came out a shrunken resemblance of what they once were. One was almost 6″ shorter! Sure WE replaced them immediately but it set me back a week on yet another easy project and now I’m dealing with adding black out backing to the panels…easy but just time consuming. Them curtains are HUGE and tough to manage through my sewing machine.

I also had to re-stabilize these floating shelves from Lowes (I do NOT recommend), finally settle on this totally adorable pouf from CB2, order this soft rug that doesn’t have a pattern to overwhelm the space, and get a minute to sew up a version of this embroidery floss canvas…it turned out SO cute and took very little time. Oh and we are still missing door hardware.


It’s coming together. Once those curtains are up, it’s final-photo-blog-post-city baby.

Ethan’s Baby Book
I made a huge, huge mistake. Instead of just settling for a pre-made baby book, I decided to do a custom-designed version of Ethan’s first year to more easily use my digital pictures. Custom = never being happy with anything and always coming up with newer and better design ideas, making the project take FOREVER. I’m already four years late. I let it slide because I knew I had the blog to fall back on, a month-by-month look at Ethan I could call up with a few key strokes. But I’m determined to get this book printed for him before Peanut #2 arrives. It’s almost there.


Yearly Video
Every year I take hundreds of video clips of Ethan and our family to assemble into a yearly video (here’s years One, Two, and Three). Till now it’s been pretty easy because they’ve been very Ethan-centric, he’s the main focus. After this year it’s going to be hard to make a video that’s under 2 hours long properly highlighting two kids’ lives via iMovie. SO you’d think my easy year video is started, right? Nope. I’ve got an idea on the music and that’s it.  I’m committing to starting this project tonight, going through my video files and dumping them into iMovie, starting a semblance of an outline, and just moving forward. The fear of having to do all this after baby arrives should be fire enough, but it clearly isn’t.

Things getting us through include.

School. The best decision we made was having Ethan in school three days a week this year. He LOVES school and his teachers and even takes a nap there so he can scream to me across the room at pick up, “MOM! I TOOK A NAP TODAY!!!”

Playgrounds and cool weather. Standing is pretty good for me, so taking Ethan to an awesome playground several times a week, meeting up with a buddy or two, and letting him burn energy is a great activity for us. I talked about Wilmore Park on the blog a while back but we also love Lindenwood Park, Tower Grove Park, Faust Park, MILF DeMun Park, and several others.

Playroom and my Fischer Price tape recorder. We turned our third floor into a play room last year, all excited for some independent play time for Ethan. It houses his kitchen, trains, legos, blocks, race track, tent, and tons of other toys. Finally, FINALLY he’s starting to love it. His ultimate favorite thing is going up there to play and listen to his “dinosaur tape” on my old tape recorder. 30 years old and still working like a champ! My parents saved it and about 20 cassette tapes, one of which is a “Little Thinker.” It’s this dramatic book-on-tape type set up where kids take an imaginary journey to dinosaur time. The actors paint very vivid pictures of running from dinosaurs, getting stuck in quick sand, and feeling an earthquake. Ethan is totally obsessed and we’ve noticed his imagination skills have really taken off lately, most likely due to this tape. I’ve looked around for more of these tapes with no luck, may have to try some digital audio books next!

Fischer Price Vintage Tape Recorder

Ethan’s age. This is a big one. Ethan is such a good kid. Sure I go a little crazy arguing with him over some simple task at least once a day, but for the most part he is making life as a very pregnant lady so incredibly easy. He never fights us on nap or bed time, is very flexible about going places and finding things to entertain ourselves. He doesn’t make much of a mess and can do lots of things himself (although sometimes we get a lot of “I can’t” and have to provide lots of encouragement to get him to try). As much as we though we wanted them closer, a four year gap is going to be incredible.

He’s going to be the best big brother.

So I’ll just be here, getting more enormous by the minute, making too much food at dinner so we have some to freeze for down the road, forcing myself to accomplish things each day while rewarding myself with a daily uniform of sweat pants, waiting for this kid to make his appearance.

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Pumpkin Patch Time!!

2014 October 6
by Becky

Theis Farm Pumpkin Patch - FamilyPicture

We didn’t dawdle this year, we ran straight for the pumpkin patch before a baby was born and we missed it.

Pumpkin patches are one of our absolute favorite part of Fall. It’s tricky though, you want to wait till it’s cool enough to wear fall-ish clothes, not so warm you show up in shorts, ruining that whole Autumn-y feeling that goes along with pictures of families sitting on giant pumpkins.

This day was pretty perfect.

Theis Farm Pumpkin Patch - Ethan

The screaming and tears were worth getting that hat on Ethan’s head. After the fit Ethan told us, “I’m not going to be a pill about wearing hats anymore.” Awesome.

Along with feeling great remorse after throwing his rare tantrums (at least a hour of frequent “I’m sorry” and “I won’t do that again” follows each time), he’s become quite the dare devil. He was going down every slide, walking across rope bridges, and jumping into tire swings without batting an eye.

The faster the better!


Theis Farm Pumpkin Patch - Slide

A year ago, no way he’d go down this slide 10 times in a row.

And this obstacle course was adorable.

Theis Farm Pumpkin Patch - RopeBridge

And even though my motivation is severely dwindling these days, I couldn’t resist putting together this super quick video compilation of pumpkin patch cuteness…

There was even a hayride! I sat that one out, didn’t want a bumpy ride to push my luck, but the rest of our group had a great ride.

Theis Farm Pumpkin Patch - Hayride

If you are looking for some fall fun, this all went down at Theis Farms Pumpkin Land in Maryland Heights. Awesome place.

We also spent a morning at the Botanical Gardens for their annual Best of Missouri Market. We meandered through the tents stuffed with vendors before heading toward the children’s area—Ethan couldn’t wait to milk the cow again…but this year he was determined NOT to get milk on his finger.

MOBOT Pumpkin Patch - PumpkinPile

MOBOT Pumpkin Patch - MilkingCow

He may look timid here, but he milked that cow like a pro!

There were at least 20 events on my calendar for this past weekend, so I’m thrilled that I actually made it to a few. I have hours of high energy and also those of very low energy, but whatever the case, Peanut #2 seems to be content, allowing me to enjoy a little of my favorite time of year.

I’ve been loading up the STL events calendar with fun things to do so check it out! And send me more stuff if you want. 

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