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Gray & Yellow with Geometric Shapes Baby Boy Nursery Mood Board

2014 August 10
by Becky

It only took what feels like three years to get a handle on what exactly this new baby’s room would look like, but I’ve finally got an idea.

More than an idea, a “mood”.

With Ethan, I knew what I wanted to do before we even knew he’d be a boy…it didn’t matter. Robin’s Nest blue was going on the walls, birch trees were following, and a big orange chair would be our hangout. But this time? I just knew I liked arrows, triangles, and geometric shapes. After a quick Pinterest browse, I found out pretty much everyone else in the world likes those things this year too.

But, with a little forceful decision making (like how I just up and decided to paint the walls the same Rock Gray we loved from our master bathroom renovation), I slowly started formulating a plan.

Without further ado, here it is: Gray & Yellow Geometric Nursery Mood Board


Mustardy yellow.
A pop of bright blue.
Geometric shapes including arrows and triangles.
Industrial details.
And warm wood tones.
The perfect baby boy nursery.

I’m going to go through this nursery mood board item by item, but seriously, it’s a MOOD BOARD. Some of these things are so far beyond our price range it’s laughable. But they offer inspiration to people like me who refuse to believe you have to spend $1700 for a rocking chair to make a beautiful room. Seriously, $1700.

1. Lights. After assuming we’d go with something bolder (like yellow), I agreed with my friend Catrina this simple, metal pendant light from Home Depot would be a great light for our nursery. It’s got the industrial look I love, a bit of shine, it’s a great size, and everyone can get on board with the price tag, $29. (Young House Love designed one over at Shades of Light that’s yellow and not a bad deal at all.)

2. I’ve loved these lighted, industrial signs forever but never had the right spot for one. Well a nursery can handle it, I’m just not sure I’ll actually hang it with the cord—not only do I hate seeing cords, but I seriously doubt we’ll be making the effort to switch a sign like this on and off much.

3. Storage. The 32″ of wall space between our hallway door and the closet door needs something..this beautiful, again industrial, basket storage bin would be perfect. Though I’m pretty sure we can find something below the Restoration Hardware price of $249.

4. Our real crib, purchased from Target the minute I got a plus sign, is amazing. We love love love it. We’ll be going minimal with no bumpers or blankets, just cute fitted sheet and a very simple skirt. (Our old crib had been taken apart and put back together too much…it was thrashed.)

5. Rugs are so tough, it takes me forever to find one I like. And while this one from Urban Outfitters may be too much pattern on the floor (what with my wall design and all…but that’s for another post), I love the geometric design and the price. We’re testing it out now, to send back or to keep? That is the question.

6. Artwork…there’s so much I hope to hang in our nursery. The triangle alphabet offers great color, the deer is out of stock but I’m pretty sure I can use it as inspiration, and the Be Brave print is a free printable. I could go on all day, can’t wait to get a gallery wall going in there.

7. We need shelves. I’m hoping we can DIY some lovely triangle shelves like these. I love the set of three, the stain, crisp corners…awesome.

8. A mid-century style dresser will serve as our changing table. And yes, it will be bright yellow. We built the door-less closet into our new nursery just for this purpose and I can’t wait to share what I’ve done with an old thrift store find. With the help of some tapered legs, we’re loving the result. Can’t wait to top it with an adorable changing pad cover like this one from Modfox.

9. Wire basket…in yellow…I’m sure something like this will come in handy.

10. This sweet little triangle side table, while on the pricey side (for a tiny little table) would just make the cutest little reading nook addition…I found us forever piling books on Ethan’s make-shift side table that I never even liked. Wondering if this is something we can DIY? Gotta talk Stu into it.

11. A footstool or pouf like this one is a necessity. Gotta put the feet up while nursing and for some rocking momentum.

12. And there’s this chair. It’s called the Finn Rocker and wanting this is like wanting a crib coated in gold or crystals lining the ceiling. I wasn’t kidding when I said this chair rings in at whopping $1700. FOR A CHAIR. I will never understand things like this. But I have a funny feeling our old rocker will continue it’s comfy tradition in the new nursery…ever if it is orange instead of the most perfect mustard yellow. We’ll live. And dream.

Wanna see my inspirations unfolding in Pinterest form? Here’s my Gray & Yellow Baby Boy Nursery board so check it out.

Follow Becky Voboril’s board Yellow & Gray Baby Boy Nursery Ideas on Pinterest.

And there you have it. A whole room. Sure it still needs curtains, a pillow or two, a crib sheet, some wall shelves (like the generic ones shown) but I work better under pressure.

Next up I’ll be talking about paint, hosting a very exciting GIVEAWAY, and revealing the wall design…pretty excited about it all. 

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What I’m Reading: Summer

2014 August 7
by Becky

Something about the summer makes me want to read more than usual. My pre-bed book time doubles or triples, taking me into the wee hours…or maybe it’s the fact that sleeping is getting exponentially more uncomfortable.

I know summer is coming to a close very quickly (what??!) but a few of my favorite bloggers have posted some suggested “summer books”, and since I’ve only shared Ethan’s favorite books over the last year (see here, here, and here), I thought it was high time I shared some of mine. Not all of these were read within the confines of summer, but they are all fairly recent reads that I found very enjoyable…perfect for vacation, long car ride, or soccer practice reading. In case you are getting away or just need a new nightly read, here are a few of my favorites.

TheHusbandsSecret BabyCatcher Sisterland Curtis Sittenfeld TheParisWife
The Husband’s Secret Baby Catcher: Chronicles of a Modern Midwife Sisterland: A Novel The Paris Wife: A Novel
MiddleSex RulesofInheritance The Expats Steve Jobs
Middlesex: A Novel The Rules of Inheritance: A Memoir The Expats: A Novel Steve Jobs

1. The Husband’s Secret is one my friend/neighbor Lindsey posted on her Facebook page. I didn’t’ seem like something on which I’d typically jump, but I was in need of a new book and took a chance. It was great. I flew through, riveted by the story. It’s set in Australia, which is fun, and the characters are fascinating.

2. Baby Catcher: Chronicles of a Modern Midwife is one I just wrapped up and holy cow I LOVED it. I actually recommended it to my week-over-due friend Liz to help jump start her labor…if all these stories about the incredible midwife who “catches” babies day in and day out doesn’t give you the urge to push, I don’t know what will! Reminiscent of “Call the Midwife” but with more background information and, well, more details. I never wanted it to end.

3. Sisterland: A Novel was one I read over the winter and it was classic Curtis Sittenfeld. If you haven’t read her before, her style is such that you CANNOT put her books down. You just want to know what happens next, even if you don’t always connect with the story. This book happens to be set in St. Louis and gives very detailed accounts of the day-to-day St. Louis landmarks, grocery stores, street names, etc. that just tickled me all the way through. The story is a quirky tale of twin sisters and has a twist…that’s all I’m saying. The author lives here so I’m always expecting to run into her…St. Louis is, afterall, the biggest small town in the country.

4. The Paris Wife: A Novel was enjoyable from start to finish. While I’ve tried and failed to read Hemingway’s work, this story based on his life in Paris was truly incredible. The book is historical fiction, but is based on the letters exchanged between Hemingway and his first wife, Hadley Richardson. The description of their travels through Europe and experiences with famous names like F. Scott Fitzgerald and Gertrude Stein made me feel like I was traveling right along with them. The glamour and intense love turns sour, of course, and is quite astonishing in the end. I plan to read more about Hemingway’s life, he is one fascinating dude.

5. Middlesex: A Novel  Someone mentioned this book to me long ago and just a few weeks ago I rustled up the sample I’d downloaded on my Kindle (the way I remember what I want to read) and gave it a try. I was hooked. Without giving anything away, I’ll say this page-turner is a work of fiction but you could have fooled me…it reads as a memoir. The story just kept unfolding in ways I never anticipated. It’s a big story but totally awesome and I plan to read more of the author’s books. His writing style is right up my alley.

6. The Rules of Inheritance: A Memoir was one I read a while back so it’s fuzzy, but I remember immensely enjoying the book. Very interesting was the way the author jumbled the chapter order…you don’t know what part of her life will come next. I usually love memoirs and this was no exception. Coping with the loss of both her parents by age 25, she writes about school, her parents’ illnesses, love, and family. The writing is beautiful and hard to put down.

7. The Expats: A Novel is a quick, fun read. Not too much to think about, just a cool setting (Luxembourg), cool premise (a family moving there for the husband’s shady job), and clear air of mystery (the mom is ex-CIA). No grand novel but totally perfect for a little escape.

8. Steve Jobs is quite an undertaking, but totally worth the time and commitment. I had no idea how long the book was—I read on a kindle—until I saw it on a shelf. It’s HUGE. But, it needs to be. We all know Steve Jobs is a brilliant innovator, but what was his life before the iMac? iPod? iPhone? iAnything? This book tells you everything, from birth to his much too early death. The detail is astonishing and gives the reader a whole new perspective on taking risks and believing in the future. Loved it. Do yourself a favor, skip the Ashton Kutcher movie and read the book…much better.


Infidel was my book club choice this month…a little heavy but it had been on my list for a loooong time as a recommendation from my parents. The author was born in Somalia and also lived in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Saudi Arabia before seeking asylum in Holland. Raised Muslim, she tells an emotional story of her childhood , focused on the inequalities between men and women.

After seeing the preview for the show on HBO, I tried reading The Leftovers. It’s based on an anomaly where 2% of the world’s population just vanishes, a sort of “rapture” but totally random, not based on religion. Eh. It didn’t really go anywhere.

Last month’s book club read was Flight Behavior and, while it started out pretty darn interesting, the book fizzled out and died. I was pretty frustrated throughout the entire thing but wanted to make it through, to get the payoff at the end. But nope, nothing. I was pretty disappointed. I’ve heard the The Poisonwood Bible is great, same author, so I’ll be giving it a try soon.

Game Change is probably the first political book I’ve ever read and I LOVED it. It tells the story behind all sides of the 2008 Presidential Campaign, talking about each of the primary candidates and their struggles to get on the ballot, then takes you on a super behind-the-scenes look at the McCain and Obama campaigns. Fascinating. I LOVED that election year. There was a movie made out of one section of this book that is really great, same title, Game Change, and stars Julianne Moore as a spitting image of Sarah Palin. I’ve seen it 10 times and still can’t believe how good the acting is. I bet you can watch it for free on HBO OnDemand. It’s on a lot.

What should read next? What was your favorite summer read? Have you enjoyed any of the books above?

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