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Mondays — A Day In Our Life

2016 September 30
by Becky


I realized it’s been years since I documented a day in our life, so I figured why not a Monday?

The first day of our week is always a long one, one that makes me question my sanity, so it’s a fun one to use to figure out exactly what we do all day. No two days of the week are alike. I’ve looked back often at the days I documented when Ethan was little, especially to compare the boys and their milestones…sometimes trying to anticipate Finn’s next move. At the time I wrote those posts, one kid seemed hard, but turns out it was a vacation compared to two.

Those with more, I salute you.

So here is our crazy, normal, comical, and surprisingly productive Monday.

6:15am – Hear Stu getting ready for work, fall back asleep. He’s already been running. I don’t even get it.

6:30am – Hear Finn let out a “Mama!!” and give a sigh of happiness as I hear Stu has reached him first. At the same moment Ethan’s door opens and he sleepily heads for the bathroom.

6:35am – Both boys are snuggled in bed with me, practically on top of my face, watching a little Mickey Mouse Club House (much to Ethan’s dismay…he voted for DinoTrux and was outvoted by the “MIH MOW!!!” yells from his brother)

6:50am – I’m up. Physically, anyway. Face washed, teeth brushed, running clothes on. Stu’s been gone for 20 minutes and the boys are just finishing their show. Ethan heads in to get himself dressed (loooove that four year gap) and brush his teeth (almost-6-year-olds are the best) while I coerce Finn into getting dressed. It involves watching him put on his own socks. TORTURE.


7am – One sock is on. I’ve been in and out of the room, offering help but being swatted away. Finally I’m allowed to take part in the sock application. Now he wants to put on his own pants.

7:20am – I’m making the bed, putting things away, listening to Ethan downstairs getting his own breakfast (this is new, he gets a yogurt for himself and eats in peace…I’m hella jealous.) I pop into the bathroom to grab something and miss seeing Finn heading for Ethan’s room.

7:25am – Frog food is spilled across Ethan’s dresser and being swept forcefully across the room by Finn, AKA Destruct-O Baby. I leave it and grab him to finish getting putting his clothes on and get downstairs.

7:35am – Finn requests a banana and walks around the kitchen eating it. He won’t sit down because Ethan is not sitting down, as he’s already finished his breakfast and is ready to go out and see the chickens. I plead with him to stay inside while Finn gets something in his belly. I’m able to eat a breakfast cookie and a cup of hot water with lemon…oh no wait half of that went forgotten on the counter.

7:50am – We are outside coaxing the chickens off their roost and down into the run. They have only been in the new coop a few days and don’t understand this whole indoor roost thing. City farm life.


8:10am – In the car, on our way to school. It only took five minutes to negotiate Finn into the garage. I’m listening to NPR, boys are reading books in the back…it’s blissful.

8:20am – Ethan hops out in the drive-through lane, Finn yells “Bye bye E-an!” Heart = Melts.

8:30am – Drive back to Tower Grove park, walkable from our house but I’m parking there because we have errands to run. Finn goes in the stroller for the loop, 3.5 mile walk/run, then stop at the playground for a bit. It’s a gorgeous fall day, our first real cool morning, and I’m psyched to be outside.

9:30am – We check in on the ducks at the pond and then it’s back in the car. We have to drop off a baby item at a friends house, buy some fabric at Joann, pick up some proofs at the printer, and stop at the grocery store.

11:30am – We are back home. Finn was a trooper and the free cookie at the grocery store was his reward. Now it’s time for lunch. Today we’re having pineapple, rotisserie chicken, red pepper slices, and applesauce.

11:45am – While Finn eats I start making cookie dough. This afternoon we are hosting a playdate at the park for some friends and I’ve promised fall-themed after school snacks. Knowing there will be a crowd to feed gives me an excuse to try a new gluten-free cookie recipe I’ve had on my list.

12:00pm – I put the food on hold to play with Finn in the back yard. We swing, pet the chickens, shoot some baskets on the porch, and pick up sticks.


12:30pm – Nap time!! We read books—three to be exact. Two “In chair!” and one “In Bed!”…it’s our new system for Mr. Negotiation so we can get him down without reading 10 books. He would go all day. I can’t ever escape without singing three songs: Somewhere Over the Rainbow, You Are My Sunshine, and Twinkle.

12:50pm – Shower. I decided in the Spring to quit drying my hair and embrace the kink, a change that’s added 20 minutes a day back to my life. It’s glorious.

1:15pm – I make my daily latte…FINALLY. If I work out in the morning this usually gets pushed back and by this point I’m dying for caffeine. Pacific Barista Almond Milk makes the best froth and I savor every sip. The door is wide open to feel the cool Fall weather. Nap time is glorious. Baking commences.


2pm – I’ve dipped grapes in caramel and peanuts. I’ve scooped cookies onto trays. Both recipes turn out surprisingly good. I can’t wait to share these and the jug of apple cider with Ethan’s buddies at the park.

3pm – Kitchen is clean, email is checked, kids laundry is in the dryer. I’ve made changes to my grandma’s 90th birthday invitation and edited a freelance project. Ethan has gymnastics tonight which means dinner on the go or the kids will go insane. I’ve packed food for each kid and loaded up the park snacks for the playdate. When I scheduled this particular play date we were taking gymnastics on Wednesday…that was before I realized Ethan was a foot taller than the Wednesday night kids and his coach said to move him up to the Monday class. But I’m grateful for something to do between 3:30pm pick up and 5pm class…going home in between just makes going back out a nightmare.


3:05pm – I wake up Finn and realize I forgot to clean up the damn frog food. I grab the broom and head to Ethan’s room to clean up.

3:20pm – Finn his drinking his sleepy-head milk in the car. It helps him cope with being woken out of a sound slumber to pick up brother from school. Only a 2 hour nap, life is rough.

3:30pm – Ethan jumps into the car (driveway pick up is my favorite thing) and requests his snack before even sitting down. I hand back a cookie to each kid (the ones I just made of peanut butter and oatmeal…and a little sugar, don’t judge), followed by water bottles. Formerly a drinking fountain mom, I’ve succumb to the habit of taking water bottles wherever we go. They make my bag SO. HEAVY.

3:45pm – Arrive to a happy swarm of friends at Lafayette Square Park. I dole out the snacks and apple cider to the kids who act like they’ve never eaten before though I KNOW their mothers keep them nice and full. I chat with friends in the afternoon sun while the boys play nearby on our favorite playground.

3:58pm – Ethan takes off for the sunken pond area. I call after him and get completely ignored. I try to tell myself he’s almost 6, he can be across the park with buddies for a few minutes.

3:59pm – As I’m looking off in the distance for signs of Ethan, someone calls out “Who’s baby is this?” and I know it’s mine. Finn was next to me one second but is now climbing to the top of the tallest slide, which is VERY tall. I walk over but leave him alone, worrying this will end in disaster, then he gets to the top and creeps down the slide with his shoes scraping the sides, slowing him to a safe crawl. We all cheer for his accomplishment so he does it seven more times, getting faster with each go. Fearless.


4:10pm – Just as I’m getting ready to talk Finn into walking over to the pond to find brother, Ethan comes running up in tears. “The white goose bit me!” he screams and pulls up his shirt to reveal a red spot. He swears he wasn’t too close to the many geese and swans in this park, one just attacked. I question taking him to Urgent Care since it’s an animal issue but my friend reminds me it was over his shirt…no actual contact made. Ethan calms down and hangs out near by. I remind him that if he runs off where I can’t see him, I can’t fight off attacking geese. (Found out a few days later this is actually a common problem and he wasn’t too close, this goose attacks people all the time but they can’t figure out a humane way to get rid of it.)

mondays-meangooseHe’s the mean looking one in the middle…and he tried to attack me after I took this picture

4:40pm – Both children alive, we pack up and say goodbye to friends.

5pm – We get to gymnastics and Ethan runs into his Trampoline & Tumbling class—he LOVES gymnastics. My friend and I take our little kids to the multipurpose room/bar. That’s right, there’s a bar at gymnastics. With beer. We don’t partake tonight, but believe me, it’s not unheard of. We feed the littles, kick a ball around the volleyball gym, and spend more than enough time at the drinking fountain, Finn’s favorite thing.

6pm – Class is out and we head home, Ethan eating his dinner in the back seat. Both kids are sweaty and filthy, baths are in order. Stu is stuck in horrible traffic on 70 after already running late leaving work.

6:20pm – Bath time. Kids are exhausted and don’t complain about doing the quick scrub — no leisurely soaks tonight.

6:40pm – PJs are on, teeth are brushed, and Dad is home just in time to hang out before bed.

mondays-ethanswanbiteEthan showing off his goose battle wound

7pm – Finn’s bedtime. He’s clutching his favorite blanket and furiously sucking his thumb. Dad takes this bedtimeEthan and I clean up his room and half heartedly play a game downstairs. I empty all the vessels and bags strewn all over our kitchen counter tops, my pet peeve.


7:20pm – I read a few chapters of The Boxcar Children to Ethan in his bed. He’s totally into the book (and so am I!) but we can’t quite finish it tonight. Song, then lights out.

7:40pm – We throw together our favorite dinner, Big Salads, with rotisserie chicken, beans, walnuts, red onion, a little blue cheese crumbles, and whatever veggies we can scrounge up and we drop onto the couch to watch the debate.

8:30pm – We can’t tear our eyes away from the debacle that is the first presidential debate.

9:45pm – Stu heads to bed, he’ll be up there checking emails and news for a bit longer before passing out in exactly four seconds. I grab my computer, read a few news articles, then turn on the first episode of the new season of Transparent and get to work on a few projects, one of which is our 2015 photo album.

12am – I’m so tired I can’t think so I head upstairs to bed. I can’t stop my mind without reading a little so I grab my kindle a get through a few pages of my book club book before passing out.

Mondays are long.

Mondays involve a lot of prep, even without the playdates. They are our busiest day, but the pride on Ethan’s face after doing a solo backward roll in gymnastics is worth the effort. I guess it’s time to get used to the after school activities anyway, as this is just the beginning.

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Life on Shuffle

2016 September 16
by Becky

The randomness of the last two weeks is, in my opinion, pretty impressive. No two days were even a little alike, no schedule has been kept. It’s as if I looked at our calendar and chose shuffle mode…just throw whatever at us and we’ll figure it out.

It started with a trip to Denver, just Finn and I, visiting my friends Erika and Jeff, son AJ, and brand new baby girl Olivia.


Finn chose this month to become a two year old, throwing tantrums galore if we don’t let him do every little thing on his own. Dare I unzip a snack bag before handing it to him or try to buckle his shoe. There was a helpful development though, in his ability to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the iPad. This trick makes flights an absolute delight—I READ MY BOOK ON THE PLANE. It was like a vacation.

That is, as long as I didn’t attempt to plug in the headphones for him.


I just Kept. Feeding. Him.

We landed back home and like two seconds later we headed to The Hill so Ethan could ride in the Gateway Cup kids bike race. It was one of our favorite events last year and we couldn’t wait to go again! He was incredible, so excited and rode like a champ! This year sans training wheels, wha wha??


Ethan is doing great in school, Finn LOVES going to nursery two days a week. Things have been learned! In fact, it was only a week before we realized he’d learned something astonishing…how to tie his shoes!!! We were absolutely floored the first time he did it for us, as if it were no big deal.

Tying shoes is SO hard! Something I never realized until I tried to teach him…and it seemed impossible. But he got it and I’m so damn proud of him.


Speaking of school, Ethan has had his first official homework assignment (that thankfully took all of 3 minutes to complete) and brought home his very own (rented) violin. The whole school learns from the on-staff instructor, something I was really excited about two years ago and now have neutral feelings about…at this point it’s another thing to be in charge of.


Evenings were full. Book club, volunteer meetings, we hosted a farewell party and work dinner at our house, school meetings, and a Wednesday night concert that was a little too much fun. But I had to go! A musician friend, Lucas Jack, was making his St. Louis debut and it wasn’t to be missed. His opener was Miss Emily Wallace so, needless to say, it was an excellent night.


Oh and that next day, Thursday? Ride your bike to school day. Dragging myself out of bed, I was in no shape to navigate the city streets all the way (2.3 miles) to school, especially since it required pulling Finn in the trailer behind me. So we parked a few blocks away from school and biked/strollered the rest.

Hey, we got there, on time, with a bike, so in my mind it was a success.


If you follow me on Instagram (@preparingforpeanut, just in case you need it),  you’ve seen the beginnings of our chicken coop for our “permanent flock” as I like to all the three little darlings who will be manning the back yard for the foreseeable future. This coop has the potential to be totally awesome or a complete failure, as we’re not known for our carpentry skills and that’s pretty much what the whole project requires.

Whatever the case, you’ll hear all about it.



That there is Finn’s “chicken pose”. Every time he picks up a chicken, he gives me a huge, toothy grin and usually throws in a “Baby Chicken!!!!” Apparently he’s be asked to do that a few times before? Not sure where he picked it up.

As for the rest of my time, there were friends to help and new mommies to cook for and Finn to entertain and I even squeezed in a little photography favor, one that took place in 100 degree sun for over two hours. I said goodbye to a dear friend who left St. Louis for sunny Florida and finally finished a work project that turned out great. And tonight was supposed to be a magical one spent in Forest park gazing at glowing hot air balloons, but the rain put an end to our favorite event of the year…without so much as cooler temps as a payoff.

I guess an evening on the couch is payoff enough.

This weekend will be no different, we’ll be running from one thing to next (as long as the rain doesn’t ruin it all), but come Monday I’m hoping there will be some semblance of routine. Maybe a visit to the gym?

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