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Saturday Portraits

2016 June 6
by Becky


A couple weeks ago, I did something really fun.

My friend/neighbor Lindsey of Sweet Monday Photography snapped a few casual pics on a stormy Saturday afternoon.

Just kidding!

She held a super snazzy studio session with full makeup and hair, I rented the gorgeous gala dress I wore for an event in December—of which I didn’t have a single good picture—and pretty much felt like a movie star for a day.


And just looking at this shot, I kind of have that movie star vibe again…it’s fun to pretend.

As parents, we’re all pretty good about scheduling family photo shoots, getting the kids all dressed up in cute seasonal outfits and heading to our favorite park for some adorable documentation. Lindsey actually took our fall pictures too, one (or seven) of which was perfect for our holiday card.

But when do we ever have our own photo taken? One where no funny faces or mustache props are involved? For me, the answer is never. I hadn’t even considered it until a couple months ago when Lindsey said she was working on a new portfolio and needed a few models. Though a bit nervous, I volunteered.


I’m so glad I did it. I’m in awe of these images. While I was a little worried about being exactly what Lindsey had pictured in her head for this project, it took twenty seconds to relax and understand it was just about being myself. Sure we changed things up a bit for fun—no glasses, bright lipstick, awesome finger curls in my hair, and a rented dress—it all made me feel like a totally different person and completely myself at the same time. It was a blast.


Watching my friend in her element was entertainment in itself…she’s such a natural. Giving direction and changing gear like it was an olympic sport. I love the details she captured, things I never see in myself. It felt strange not smiling since I’d consider myself a smiley person (ya think?), but it comes through in such a dramatic way…I’m wondering why I don’t walk around like this more often (ha).


My inclination when seeing the first edited shot was to focus on my “spots”. The ones I’m self conscience about. We all do this, women more so probably, tear ourselves apart instead of seeing the big picture. But when I let it go, looked at the images as a whole, I felt…powerful. And confident. I love them.

Oh and here’s the whole dress…because it’s fabulous I gotta do a full length.


I’m calling them my super hero shots. My power? Shooting lasers from my eyebrows. They look pretty fierce.

So while I don’t usually smather the blog with photos of myself, I’m going out on a limb here and giving it a try. How can I not share a few of these?

I can’t recommend this experience enough. And having Lindsey as the photographer was what made it all perfect, she exudes passion for her craft. She’s doing these portraits again and has a couple shoots coming up if you are interested! Since she’s still building her portfolio, her price is reduced and it includes the digitals…amazing.


There’s really something special about seeing images of women like these. They are all spectacular!

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Memorial Day Weekend at Home

2016 June 2
by Becky


“Hey Jonah, it’s pretty nice to have a long weekend to relax from the grind, eh?”

“Totally Finn, having a magical toddler life is super stressful.”

School’s out, summer is here, and we kicked it all off with a nice long weekend complete with gorgeous weather and lots of friends. The kids were in swimsuits more than shorts and damp more than dry. We biked more than we drove. It began with a birthday party and impromptu BBQ (the absolute best kind) and we meandered into the next day going on rides around the park searching for frogs and crawfish, getting a few small projects done at the house, and making some preparations for our upcoming beach trip.

We also celebrated the opening of our favorite neighborhood pool.


The Tower Grove Park wading pool is open for business! I knew it was happening soon, but it was still a surprise when we rode up for some pop jet fun only to find the fountains surrounded by water. It was FREEZING but the boys jumped right in.

And if three days of pool and friends and food weren’t enough, I got some last minute tickets for Ethan and I to see Koo Koo Kangaroo at The Demo. Have you heard of these guys? I recommend giving them a listen.


Ethan’s Dino Stomp pose

Ethan’s class sang Dino Stomp for graduation last week, but until then I’d never heard it. These guys are YouTube sensations, really popular on GoNoodle (a free kids website and maybe an app too?) and their videos were used in Ethan’s class as occasional “brain breaks” during transition times. The videos are shockingly cheesey, purposefully bad, but the kids love them. In person? The two 40ish-year-old dudes are nothing short of amazing (and totally uncreepy, something that’s not always clear in their videos). The crowd was small and the vibe was crazy-town fun. We danced to every song. I’m on the road to becoming a super fan…

While the long weekend was pretty family-tastic, we did sneak away on Saturday night to celebrate our wedding anniversary.


Twelve years. 12. Hard to believe. We popped over to The Loop for some Naploi style pizza at Randolfi’s (formerly The Good Pie), delectable cannolis with coffee at Piccione Pastry (aka heaven), and stopped for drinks back in our neighborhood at The Night Owl. An evening centered around food is our kind of celebration.


There was plenty of downtime in the evenings, a break from the day’s hot sun, where the boys continue to strengthen their co-playing skills. Play doh and magnetic tile puzzles (aka magnet piece throwing) seem to be the happiest shared activities lately. Finn will pretty much do anything to be next to big bro…unless it’s watching TV, a quiet choice he just doesn’t care about yet.

So that was our Memorial Day. It took me four days to write this post because, well, school is out and we’ve been going nonstop. Hope everyone had a few days off to play!!

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