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Purple People Easter

2015 April 6
by Becky

After a rough start of hunting for eggs at the botanical garden in the freezing cold just a couple weeks ago, Easter weekend turned out pretty darn spectacular!


Finn’s first egg-filled holiday was remarkably perfect. Good thing because I spent way too much time looking for coordinating shirts in sizes 6 months and 4T.

Unbeknownst to me, Stu has a purple plaid shirt too so…


Hear that noise?

It’s my heart bursting. The cute factor is killing me. And Ethan didn’t even give me any trouble about wearing a button-up, so miracles can happen.


I got the botanical garden egg hunt handled, filled a cute basket with candy and a few trinkets, filled 20 plastic eggs with M&Ms to hide in the back yard, but I almost forgot to dye eggs. The shame!!! Just two days shy of the big day I remembered…whew. Ethan wanted to take the lead and I (reluctantly) handed him the reigns.

Me + super-stainy-dye = nervous wreck.




We had a few close calls but no dye was spilled in the making of these eggs.
(By the way, that adorable triangle bib was a gift from Amber at Applesauce Crafts)

We discovered some under-cooking issues after our backyard egg hunt Easter morning. They were more of the soft boiled variety. Oops. I admit I can never remember how to boil an egg. I love how that’s used as a testament to someone’s inability. “She can’t even boil an egg!” Well it’s hard! You can’t tell if it’s done! The saying should go, “She can’t even make toast!” because, common, everyone can make toast.




Post hunt we headed to my uncle’s house for brunch, an annual event. This year we had about one hour before an impending baby nap-time melt-down so we snagged some pictures upon arrival. I’ve learned a tough lesson about the phrase, “we’ll get a picture later.” No more.


Nailed it.

Finn was uncharacteristically serious and refused to look at all amused…and he’s huge! He can barely be contained by Ethan’s arms. Why do we continue to attempt this awkward kid-holding-kid pose? Because it’s simultaneously hilarious and terrifying?

I even made the cut! There are maybe three pictures of all four of us. I love this one.


Ethan ate his weight in chocolate, cookies, and cupcakes while we passed Finn around the family. I justified devouring one of my aunt’s cinnamon rolls AND drinking champagne before noon. At least my pink capris fit in time for spring.

Here’s hoping your day was filled with adorable kids clad in pastel and baskets.

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Pears, Walnut, & Ricotta Crostini

2015 March 31
by Becky

Pear & Ricotta Crostini -2

Saturday morning I woke up with big plans. Stu was entertaining the kids while I made an 8:30am solo trip to Trader Joes.

Luxurious. Down right luxurious.

Trader Joe’s is just far enough out of my way that I don’t get there often enough. So I took my coffee and meandered through the store, picking up all my favorite stuff: pre-cooked lentils, vanilla greek yogurt, fresh flowers, mini humus packets, trail mix, prosecco, fruit, whole wheat pasta, roasted red pepper tomato soup, and frozen naan. And like 100 other things.

Then, as usual, the sample table got me. They were handing out slices of ripe, juicy Bartlett pears.

And the taste reminded me of a recipe I’d been meaning to try.

Pear & Ricotta Crostini

Pear & Ricotta Crostini

Pear & Ricotta Crostini

Pear & Ricotta Crostini

Look no further for a perfect summer starter. It really couldn’t be more simple, all it takes is high quality, ripe ingredients to make something totally delectable.

Creamy cold ricotta, crunchy crostini and the soft, sweet, and juicy pear with just a hint of nutty saltiness. It’s a decadent bite. Or six. I dare anyone to eat just one of these.


Pear Walnut & Ricotta Crostini
recipe by Martha Stewart

Makes enough for 16 small or 8 large crostini.


  • 1/2 baguette
  • 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
  • Coarse salt and ground pepper

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Cut baguette into 1/2-inch-thick slices. On a rimmed baking sheet, toss or spray with olive oil and season with salt. Bake in a single layer until crostini are toasted and crisp, about 20 minutes, flipping halfway through.


  • 1 1/4 cups fresh, cold, whole milk ricotta cheese
  • Ripe pear slices (I used bartlett)
  • Walnut pieces
  • Coarse salt 
  • Honey

Divide ricotta cheese among crostini. Don’t be shy. Top each piece with several ripe pear slices. Season with salt and and drizzle each with honey. Sprinkle walnut pieces over the top. Serve immediately.

You can make the crostini an hour or so ahead, they don’t have to be warm, but don’t let them sit around too long or they’ll get hard as rocks.


I’ll be making these for book club this week, should be great with wine and discussion of this month’s read, Euphoria.

Pear & Ricotta Crostini

Pear & Ricotta Crostini -2

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