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Friday Favs

2017 September 8
by Becky


I’m pretty excited about a lot of things lately, namely those which have made life bearable easier during our time of transition AND my time of healing my foot. So I thought I’d include a couple in my list here, along with some new-to-me music and some workout gear to get me back to the gym to shed this gross “boot-weight” (def: weight you gain when you feel sorry for yourself because you are stuck in a boot).

  1. Day two in our new house we realized there was no where to hang our cheapy magnetic Ikea knife holder. It was too long, not all that nice to look at, and weak. Like sometimes our knives fell off weak. (Sorry Ikea, no hate, I love you, just not your knife holder). Enter this gorgeous Wooden knife holder via Etsy. I saw it and saw the good reviews but couldn’t’ imagine it would be as incredible as what showed up in the mail. I have NO idea how they make these things, but this knife holder is the bomb. It looks beautiful in the middle of our kitchen against the herringbone backsplash and the magnets are super strong. No slipping, no ugliness. Perfection.
  2. Walking through a shop in Georgetown last weekend I heard an amazing song and pulled out my phone to Shazam it—the way I find SO many new artists—and discovered Ben L’Oncle Soul. I was caught up in the song Come Home before downloading song after song from his self-titled album. He’s a bow-tie wearing French singer-songwriter who’s music I on which I’m currently hooked. I love the funkiness and retro vibe, finding his cover of Seven Nation Army a treat. I love that wherever I am, whatever I”m watching, I can find out what amazing music I’m heading in a flash with Shazam.
  3. The day after we took possession of our Old Town house, I bought a Dyson Cordless Vac. I cringed at the total at checkout, but OMG this thing is a lifesaver. We have three stories of 200 year old wood floors and many area rugs, I wasn’t about to be carrying our heavy Hoover up and down the stairs or figuring out a place to store it so I could vacuum the kitchen every day. Because I do vacuum the kitchen EVERY DAY. Often twice. This slick little guy fits in our kitchen closet, (right next to the washer and dryer, first floor laundry at it’s finest) and is ready to go always. I easily carry it throughout the whole house and it’s so easy to presto change into a tiny vac for cars or tight spaces. Oh, and NO CORDS. We’re all pretty obsessed with it. And after using a $50 vacuum for ten years, I think we were due.
  4. Now that my foot is healing and I’m looking at a life without the boot, I decided to get pumped for the gym with a few new items in my workout wardrobe…the one that’s falling apart and getting mity uncomfortable. We have lots of great shopping available in Old Town so I popped into Lululemon and walked out with the ultra comfortable Energy Sports BraI was pleasantly surprised at the reasonable price tag and cute style. Nothing like some new gear to get back into my routine. Sure it’s just the stationary bike and some weights right now, but I see those Spin and Barre classes in my near future.
  5. For the last six weeks I’ve been hobbling around in a fracture boot, being told by my doctor to “try to stay off my feet”. Right. Moving, getting kids squared away in school, settling into our house, keeping the kids entertained…there was no staying off my feet. But I did try to avoid it when possible, which lead me to trying Instacart. It’s this amazing service that brings your groceries right to your door, heck they will bring it to your kitchen counter! Choose your items online, and for a small fee it will be delivered to your door. My first delivery was free of fees, the second was $6.47. TOTALLY worth it to avoid taking the kids and tromping around a giant store with my broken foot. With Amazon buying Whole Foods and everything being delivered to our doors, this is the future and I’m gonna be on board when it makes life easier.

School Is (Finally) In Session!

2017 September 6
by Becky


School started! It finally happened!! We have watched every other friend go back to school for weeks while we waited. And waited. I swear the weeks got longer. We must be the last school in the world to start.

Except for the one that starts on September 7th. Really?? So late!


Ethan has been ready since the day we drove past his new school, so excited to make new friends and “do projects.” This school is about four times bigger than our old one, plus they require uniforms, so I was expecting him to be nervous. But, in true Ethan style, he walked right through the front door ready to go. He’s been so incredibly brave this summer, proving his outgoing personality over and over at camps, the playground, anyplace we’ve been around kids he’s never met. We’re very proud of him for being SO willing to try new things.

There’s been so much build up to this day that I wasn’t all that sad dropping him off. It was such a whirlwind of parents and teachers and he seemed so happy, how could I be sad?

There was someone who wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye…


These two have gotten pretty close in the past two months—sometimes a little too close, like when Ethan would act more like a 3 year old than a 6.5 year old. Thank goodness for siblings when you move to a new city! They did a great job entertaining each other and kept the fighting to a manageable level. Especially since we don’t really know anyone here anymore so playdates have been few and far between. That’s the thing about living in DC, people move a lot. We’re all very ready to make some new friends! I love how determined Ethan seems to get to know his classmates.


So how did it go? Great!

I couldn’t help but pump Ethan for information when I picked him up. I hadn’t slept the night before and had thought about him every minute of the day, wondering how he was doing in such a big new environment. He likes his teacher, he had fun at recess, he liked the classroom work, he was invited to a birthday party (along with the whole class of course) and he begged to try buying lunch the next day.

We are so thrilled and hope everything keeps going smoothly. There are some big differences between this public school and the little private one we attended in St. Louis—namely he has to wear shoes all day and there aren’t any chickens on the playground—but we are really happy to be a part of this community and can’t wait to get more involved!


Now all I need is for my foot to get all healed up so I can walk him the three blocks to school. It’s getting better, I can make it two blocks to the park and grocery store without too much discomfort. Here’s hoping next week I’ll be ready. Walking to school is the dream!