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Mega-Holiday: Fun on the Farm

2014 July 13
by Becky

I officially feel completely out of the loop, lost in the midst of a crazy-long vacation that requires no schedule other than nap time (thank goodness for nap time). Friends, I hope you haven’t forgotten us.

What have we been doing? Well remember those baby horses I mentioned?

Their owners (neighbors down the road) stopped by with halters and, most importantly, grain to get the wary mamas and their little ones within reach.


Can you blame a mom for being protective of these sweet little babies?


Ethan couldn’t wait to get at those horses. The owners were happy to have some help socializing the little colt and filly, they’ve only been handled three other times so they still have a long way to go. Ethan did a great job petting gently…even though he was crazy with excitement.


A big surprise was a carriage ride! The neighbors have been training their pony to pull this adorable little cart and we braved a few spins around the corral.


I asked Ethan, “Which horse was your favorite?”
His answer, “The big brown ones!”

Seeing horses roam the pastures at The Farm make me miss my horse and my riding days. I’m feeling pretty darn grateful this nice family is helping us make horses a part of Ethan’s life.

Another apparently interesting part of horses? Horse poop…Ethan thinks it’s awesome. And keeps asking if he can “pee on it”. Gross. Boys are gross.

How else have we filled our days here? Visits to the pool, checking out toys at the farm supply store, running into high school friends I haven’t seen in a million years, playing at parks, driving the gator, and eating fun vacation food…


It was Oregon Trail Days over the weekend so we were sure to get a spot on the parade route. Ethan was unusually shy about candy fetching, which saved me many minutes of fighting over how many pieces he’d get to eat.


Only three more days of small town fun before we head even farther West…any guesses to where we may end up?

the Mega-Holiday continues…


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Mega-Holiday: Parts 2 & 3

2014 July 12
by Becky

Our “Mega-Holiday” continues!

After our stop in Eastern Nebraska, we split up, going different directions. Stu back to St. Louis, Ethan and I heading to Denver. While planning this crazy, meandering trip, I realized we could fit in a couple days with some of our favorite people…my best friend Erika and her adorable family.

Her son AJ just turned one and is OH so cute.


He provided some good big brother training for the Peanut. Other than the constant pleads for Ethan to “be gentle” and “try not to step on AJ!!” it went pretty darn well.

I got to snuggle up with Ethan both nights, which is something I typically love doing, but the dude didn’t lay still for even a minute. He was flailing arms and legs over and under me and grinding his teeth…a habit I didn’t know to be an issue. But when it’s right in your ear… He woke up with CRAZY bed head from the rolling.

DenverPics copy

And the icing on the Denver cake was seeing Grandpa (my dad) for a few hours before he left for his third trip to Kenya. We hit up the Denver Children’s Museum for a morning of ball machines, shooting rockets, and blowing enormous bubbles. It’s a busy but very fun place to hang out.

We dropped Grandpa at the airport and pointed our car North toward Scottsbluff…Ethan couldn’t wait to see my mom, the second grandma in a week! Ethan couldn’t believe it, saying “Two grandmas? Whoa mom, that’s TOO much grandma!!”

Is there such a thing?

So our drive began…the seemingly endless drive through nothingness that takes us to Nebraska’s panhandle. But toward the end, the scenery picks up. Clouds billow across a brilliant blue sky and green crops for miles and miles. Forever. Bluffs come into view and I’m always too excited, anticipating our arrival at The Farm, to pull over to take some pictures.

Just picture the bluffs against the sky.


Ethan was incredible in the car. He only spent about 30 minutes playing iPad letter games, the other three hours were consumed by reading books, playing with toys, and gazing out the window trying to spot tractors. What a difference a year makes.


My big kid.

So after driving forever, we pull in the garage and what’s waiting?


Our family friends lent us their toddler-sized Gator for Ethan to drive around the farm.

“Mom!! Did you know what Grandma was going to have a REAL tractor for me?? Can you believe it???” Ethan asked this about five times. It took a day or so of practice but he’s now driving like a pro.


We’ve been enjoying the farm life. Surrounded by cats—Ethan has declared Midnight “his” cat—and plenty of outdoor fun. The weather is beautiful (aka not humid). The Peanut’s been driving the Gator, pulling his wagon, digging up rocks, catching toads, and checking on the baby horses.

Oh yeah, there are TWO ridiculously cute baby horses on the property. They belong to some neighbors who will be coming over this weekend to get them in petting vicinity. My grain-less attempts to get close have resulted in the stallion riling everyone else into a gallop retreat.

I CAN NOT wait to pet me some bitty ponies.


Being away for so long in so many places has me feeling out of the loop and a little lost. I can’t keep the days straight, they all run together. All I know is we are having fun, Ethan is completely exhausted at nap and bedtime—what I call success.

Oh and in pregnancy news, I’m just growing by the minute. This baby just kicks away all day, we’re talking visible kicks already at 23 weeks. Other than the hugeness, heartburn, and occasional shortness of breath, things are going great.

Stay tuned for Mega-Holiday stop #4 next week!

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