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Our Weekend at New Heights

2016 April 10
by Becky


We tried something new this weekend.

Ethan has been scaling the playground climbing walls for years, making me think he’d take to the real thing pretty quick. We didn’t want to take him too early, it’s no fun to fail because you’re just not ready. But 5.25 years old seemed to be the perfect age…add to that a Groupon and chilly Spring weather and we had the makings of a perfect Saturday morning activity.

Climb So Ill, a very cool indoor climbing facility in the heart of Lafayette Square, was an amazing place for our first climbing experience. The building is an old power plant converted into this and several other incredible spaces including Element Restaurant (a place we’ve yet to try) and party venues. We got there right when they opened at 10am, Stu and Ethan got geared up with shoes and harnesses in just a few minutes.



We were given a quick orientation. Ethan’s face as he looked around the space was priceless. People were scaling the free climb wall, pounding down on the cushioned floor with loud thuds. Entertaining, but that section wasn’t for us…



Auto belay was the name of the game that morning. Since we are total novices, these systems were the perfect way for the boys to get climbing without delays. We were shown how to hook in and up they went.


Stu’s not big on heights but couldn’t help but go right to the top of the first wall. It looks a lot easier from the ground than it is, he was shocked at how high it was up there. Ethan went slow but sturdy, staying low but learning how to repel down and getting the feel for the harness. He gradually got higher with each try.


He looked like a little a natural. The socks and too-sizes-too-small pants were the cutest. It was fun watching him just go for it, trying something new and loving it. I was really proud of his positive attitude and willingness to go a little farther each time.

What did Finn do while Ethan climbed?


Ok this was only the last 10 minutes, there this app on my phone called Trucks and he thinks it amazing. Before whipping out the iBabysitter, we walked around, watched, had a snack, and bounced around on the springy floor. After 45 minutes nothing could keep Finn happy.


Good thing everyone was tired and ready to call it quits.

Ethan was totally psyched about his first climbing experience and asked to go again before he was even buckled into the car. I take that as a good sign, we’ll be back. Hopefully I’ll be able to give it a try when my foot is repaired!

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  1. Sandy schon permalink
    April 11, 2016

    Ethan is a natural climber. He was all over the climbing wall at the playground in Florida. As long as he doesn’t want to climb Mt Everest!! Love seeing his happy face. Can’t believe Finn on the iphone!!

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