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Our Nebraska Trip Continues…

2011 August 16
by Becky

Photo by Joe Schon

That’s right, we are still in middle America, out here in Scottsbluff, NE. We’re missing Dad (Stu) and he’s missing us too. A week is a long time! But we’ve been having a blast introducing Ethan to everyone here.

My mom hosted a little party for Ethan to show him off to her friends. She is always surrounded by grandkids and now finally gets to have hers here! We also went to the pool with my best friend, Auntie Erika, who came up from Denver for a day. She hadn’t seen him since her visit in April and she couldn’t get over how big he is.

Clockwise from top left: Crystal Sandberg, Deb Glenn, Willa Kosman, & Erika Hofmeister 

Erika and her boyfriend, Jeff, came out to the ranch on Friday night with amazing Mexican food…Scottsbluff is lucky enough to have incredible Mexican restaurants…and we had some grown-up time after little man hit the hay. We sat on the deck overlooking the monument, surrounded by kitties, drinking my margarita concoction. It was a relaxing, albiet early, evening.

This picture is a little dark, but at least we remembered to get one!

Last night (Sunday), my friends Nate and Sara Luehrs hosted dinner for us and our friends Hunter and Tish Kosman. Nate, Hunter, and I survived Scottsbluff High School together and our families have been close for many years. Ethan was entertained by everyone, especially Nate and Sara’s son Carter, who is about the cutest thing you’ve ever seen!

Hunter hanging out with Ethan

The weather has been amazing—even chilly in the evenings! Although it is SO dry here…Ethan and I are flaking away. But there will be more relaxing, little man introductions (and hopefully more mexican food) before our departure on Wednesday morning. It’s been a great trip!

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