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Our Nebraska Thanksgiving

2012 November 22
by Becky

Our Thanksgiving began, as usual, with an airplane. Or as Ethan says “Go bye bye on big air!”

We headed for Eastern Nebraska on Tuesday morning, to beat the rush, and it was smooth sailing. Ethan was excited and interested in everything about our traveling: checking the bags, getting through security, exploring the terminal, and was a complete angel on the plane. Flying gets easier and easier with age, mostly because his interest in movies and iPad/iPhone games has increased exponentially. Upgrading to “stretch” seating helped immensely too—I completely understand why lap babies are cut off at age two.

We hopped in the car for the 1.5 hour drive from Omaha to Columbus through the Nebraska farmland with a stop at Stu’s Aunt Cindy’s along the way. Aunt Cindy is THE Christmas guru…she has every single Hallmark ornament ever made (this may be a fact…it’s hundreds) and everything was set up and ready for the holidays. Little houses, ornaments, dancing elves and santas all light up, move, and/or make sound—toddler heaven. Cindy helped Ethan and cousin Weston inspect each and every one.

Ethan didn’t eat, drink, or even make a peep…he was TOTALLY mesmerized by Christmas. After reading books, singing songs, and talking about Christmas constantly for the past few weeks, this really drove the concept home. He gets it.

Next stop: Columbus. Grandma Johnson, Great Grandma and Grandpa Johnson, and cousin Sam were there waiting for us.

Great Grandma opened up her bins of fabulous toys—many of them vintage— for Ethan to drag all over their house. We stayed at Grandma J’s (Stu’s mom) and she lives right next door to the Great Grandparents (Stu’s grandma and grandpa), very Everybody Loves Raymond style. There was a gravel pile to play in, toys everywhere, books to read, and tons of food to eat. Everyone is impressed by The Peanut’s appetite.

Everything was picture perfect until Wednesday night when, while working on end-of-year projects (Ethan’s two year video, holiday cards, endless photo editing), I decided to open up a beer. Fast forward two hours, I had two stitches in my finger.

Everyone else was next door at the grandparents and Ethan was tucked in bed. While opening the Heineken, the top of the glass broke and sliced me pretty good. My solution was a paper towel compress, but Stu and his mom urged me to visit the ER just in case. It was COMPLETELY dead and the doctors and nurses were thrilled to have something to do. In less than an hour I had two stitches and was out the door. In case you were wondering (which I’m SURE you were) Columbus, NE has a brand spankin new ER with fantastic staff.

In case you are counting, this is my second set of stitches in less than six months.

Some beers with the cousins and a good night of sleep got me ready for Turkey Day! It started with Ethan’s first Macy’s parade viewing—which he found fascinating for about ten minutes—and some bright Thanksgiving Day outfits. I even got to help out by making gravy. Ethan “helped” by licking beaters and stealing dough balls.

Then we proceeded to stuff ourselves. Ethan slept through the main dinner time, but woke (with major bed head) just in time to show off his eating skills as he devoured cranberries, mashed potatoes, turkey, green beans, bread, and most of all Grandma J’s “green fluff”.

Yes, I did make Ethan wear his turkey hat! He didn’t even mind that much! When you have pie to stuff in your face, who cares what’s on your head??!

So that was our Thanksgiving! We cooked, ate, talked, watched football, and now the adult beverage consumption is in full swing. In fact, I’m going to put this computer away RIGHT NOW and join in the fun—maybe with a sidecar of leftover turkey.

Hope your holiday was a good one!


2 Responses
  1. Grandpa Joe permalink
    November 23, 2012

    What a wonderful thanksgiving!
    and I love the photos, and the Family to go with them.
    I especially like the ER photo with the Clock on the wall confirming the 20:05 stitches.
    Go Big Red.

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