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Old Town Farmers Market & A Pie

2011 July 10
by bvoboril

After three FULL days of unpacking, our bodies were aching for a break. But we dragged ourselves out of bed early Saturday morning and headed to the Old Town Farmers Market…it is one of our favorite things about our new neighborhood!

Every weekend, all year long, Alexandria’s City Hall square hosts a variety of vendors ready to pedal their goods. From fresh veggies to refurbished antique trunks, the market has something to please everyone. What I love so much about it is that it’s spread out and not SO big that it’s overwhelming. And of course we can walk there, which makes it even more fun. This was our second trip to the market, but this time we stocked up on fresh fruits and veggies because we now have kitchen supplies with which to cook them!

photos by Joe Schon (aka Dad)

Ethan loves things like this. The more action, the happier he is. It’s when things stand still that he gets fussy. And at the farmers market, nothing stands still!

photos by Joe Schon

Last week we couldn’t get over the beautiful peaches piled high all throughout the market, their sweet scent impossible to resist. So this week we made sure to stock up.

Although I’d never made one before, I had the sudden urge to bake a peach pie! I read a few internet recipes and referred to Julia’s MTAOFC and merged a few ideas together. I used a store bought crust for the bottom, but made a streusel topping with toasted almonds, oats, brown sugar, butter, and four.

I can’t say I was 100% thrilled with my pie…the peaches were extra juicy and therefore required a little more cornstarch then I used, but it tasted great. Fruit, sugar, butter, and streusel—how can that be bad?! The topping was yummy and the peaches were perfect.

With a big scoop of butter pecan ice cream on top, this desert was a perfect summer treat.

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  1. Patti Voboril permalink
    July 11, 2011

    The Farmer’s Market looks wonderful. All that fresh produce. mmm How fun. I bet Ethan just loves the activity and the colors.
    Your peach pie looked yummy!!!
    Can’t wait to see you guys again. Amy & family just arrived and Holly & family arrive tomorrow. Maybe next year you guys can come out for the race too.

  2. Linda Johnson permalink
    July 12, 2011

    Ethan is just adorable!! I love the pictures Joe took of the farmers market.. The pie was to die for…..YMMMMM I cannot wait to see you all again.

    Amy and Annette left yesterday for California. I too noticed how much Annette loves action and activity.
    hugs and love

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