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NICU Quarantine—Day 30

2011 January 28
by bvoboril

If you can believe it (I know I can’t) it has been 30 days since Ethan was born!  I can’t really say the time has gone by “quickly”, but is amazing to think about far he has come in just over 4 weeks.

The first flu screen came back negative…yeah!  But the ‘Infection Control’ team is still waiting on the final NICU flu screen report results.  We hope everyone (other then the confirmed flu baby of course) comes back free and clear.

So the NICU nurses and visitors are looking really hot in the yellow gowns and masks.  Apparently even if the report comes back clear, the get-up will be in effect for about a week.  Wearing a mask is not fun – especially since Ethan is really interested in looking at faces – and the gowns are hot and uncomfortable.  But it’s worth it to keep these little guys safe!

Weight Today: 5 pounds 7.5 ounces

Some good news for Ethan is that his room air has been turned down to a 1/2 liter (from 1 liter) and if he continues to do well, will be turned off all together.  He is doing great with bottles too!  Since it takes a lot of energy, he only shows ‘readiness’ for a bottle at every other feeding.  For one of his feeds last night he took 40 ml from a bottle (his full feed is 45 ml) and this morning he took 30 mls for me.  It takes about 30 minutes for him to eat that much…it’s slow but getting more steady!  We have to help him pace himself so he doesn’t forget to breathe when he gets into a sucking rhythm.  He’s getting better with every feeding!  We don’t continue to try the bottle past the 30 minute mark because at that point he starts to burn too many calories.  Anything left over is sent down the tube.

We removed our masks last night for a quick photo op:

The Yellow Family

After Bottle Snuggle Time

3 Responses
  1. LInda Johnson permalink
    January 29, 2011

    Baby Ethan is so darling. Becky he resembles you soo much..Especially in the second photo with Stu holding him. I’m so glad to hear he is doing well and before you know it he will be home with you all.
    love you

  2. Amy Voboril Kohlhepp permalink
    January 31, 2011

    Wow how scarey..I honestly didn’t realize how bad the flu was for infants until our Pedi told us! Even if a full term baby gets the flu and is under 6 weeks of age…they have to be rushed to the hospital! This FREAKED me out…I’m so glad to see that everyone is healthy and FLU free!
    And props to your hospital for being so ON it!

  3. September 11, 2013

    bape ??????

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