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Nap Time

2013 April 15
by Becky

I call Ethan my “Super Napper”.


Every day he takes a nap from around 1pm till about 3pm.

Sometimes on our way upstairs he’ll say “No Nap” or “Don’t Want Nap” but very rarely does he succeed in holding his little eyelids open. Once that book is read and the white noise starts playing…


The kid is racked. out. I wish I could sleep this soundly once a week.

Makes me want to curl up in the crib with him (although when I’ve asked to do this he’s told me I’m “Too Big” to get in his bed).

And Sharky. His beloved giant, stuffed shark. The perfect sleep buddy.

You cannot put a pillow or blanket or any other unauthorized item in his crib. Only Sharky and whatever toy he’s obsessed with that day ie: digger, space shuttle, whale bath toy.


There are times he curls up like a bitty baby. His little butt up in the air, knees tucked in tight.

Usually those socks are flung off in the first five minutes. But not this day.


From time to time he’ll wake up SUPER crabby.

But most of the time he pops up, smile on his face, bed-head, ready for the next adventure.

“That was a great nap Mama!” is what he said this day, as soon as he lifted his head and saw me there. “Yeah, good nap. I feel great.”

He’s always been a good sleeper.

I feel like the luckiest mom in the world.

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  1. April 15, 2013

    He is a great napper and a super sleeper at night. We’re all lucky!!!

  2. April 15, 2013

    Adorable shots! I am always afraid to take pics of my little one sleeping for fear of waking him up but those are such cute moments to remember…
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