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2017 August 7
by Becky

It’s a rainy day in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. I’m sitting in my new-to-me kitchen at the island we had made for this space just days before we flew away from St. Louis for our big move. Ethan is at camp and Finn is napping, so the house is quiet but for some music humming in the background. There are no urgent phone calls or deliveries today. It’s my first normal day in our new home.

This morning we dropped Ethan off at camp, then Finn and I checked out a fantastic coffee shop—Swings in Del Ray—and headed home to continue settling into our house. I’ve been reorganizing cabinets, planning where I’ll hang pictures and artwork, putting a couple succulents in my favorite glass battery jar.

It’s almost like the last two weeks are a distant memory.

It’s almost like I didn’t break my foot two days before a truck showed up to pack up our house. Like we didn’t live in two different hotels. Like we weren’t buried in moving boxes and packing paper. Like we didn’t have trucks show up early and then late and then not at all. Like I wasn’t completely overwhelmed with my energetic kids who I couldn’t walk to the park or take for a bike ride because of said broken foot.


There’s nothing quite like starting off Moving Week by stepping off a curb, rolling an ankle, and breaking the back of your fifth metatarsal. AGAIN. This time it was the other foot and I wasn’t holding onto a handrail like last time so I fell down and scraped the crap out of my right knee…just for an extra special treat.


It’s an understatement to say that the last 15 days have been a blur of extreme stress and inconvenience. Add to those days the two months before filled with moving prep and having our house on the marketing and filling out exactly one thousand forms for the relocation company…it’s been not so fun. Really really not fun.

But we are officially here. And we LOVE our house. We are more moved in than I’d ever imagined us being at this point, thanks to some extra help from my mom—who we flew in at the last minute in response to me breaking my foot—and a days worth of professional unpacking help courtesy of the relocation company. I cannot explain the special surprise that is The Organizing Agency. Two lovely women helped get every single box out of the house on day two of occupying it. And we had SO MANY BOXES.

UnpackingBeersWell deserved beer at the end of moving day

Another surprise is how quickly the boys took to sharing a room. Perched at the top of our three story house is their new hang out, complete with bunk bed and windows looking out on the street below. While we had a back up plan for Finn to have his own room next to ours, it seems they like being together and I love having all their stuff in one place.


Just one more surprise was how well we fit into this house!! We have no basement (which was really daunting), and no garage (again, very scary), and reduced our square footage by about 900 sf. But it feels wonderful having less house to take care or and less stuff to put places.

I’ve been feeling a little trapped, unable to walk in our extremely walkable city, but I’ve met several lovely neighbors and can’t wait to get out and exploring all the new things that have popped up in the last four years. Come September 5, the foot better be ready because I’ll be walking both kids to school!

While I wanted to be super positive and sugar coat the whole moving experience, I can’t lie…it was pretty awful. But each day helps melt the bad memories away and I feel a little more at home. We’re here, we’re excited, and we have room for guests!!

2 Responses
  1. Jennifer permalink
    August 8, 2017

    Hi there! I found your blog a few years ago while I was looking for fun places in DC to take my son (who is now 5 1/2). Just wanted to welcome you back to Northern VA! Hope your foot gets to feeling better!!

    • Becky permalink*
      August 8, 2017

      Thanks Jennifer! Sounds like our boys are the same age, send me an email if you ever want to meet somewhere!

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