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More Visitors—Erika & Jeff in the House!

2012 October 23
by Becky

My best friend Erika and her new hubby Jeff were here for the weekend…one that went by much too quickly.

The last time Erika and I were in DC together, we were in 8th grade.

We were part of the Scottsbluff Middle School DC Class Trip and were focused on anything but our nation’s history. Shopping and boys were first and foremost the topic of the trip. Let’s just say when 0ur guides announced we’d be visiting the “Mall”, there was a bus full of really disappointed tweens when it turned out be a large strip of grassy lawn. Good thing the there were dudes selling knock-off Oakley sunglasses and Nike t-shirts nearby.

I couldn’t put my finger on a picture from the DC trip, but this freshman picture should give you a good idea of what we looked like at that age:

Erika is in the middle, I’m to the right of her. This is my all-time favorite high school picture.
We were getting ready for our first high school marching band performance. 

We reminisced about the way-too-early-in-our-lives DC adventure as we took Jeff for his first spin around the monuments. The fall leaves added a spectacular touch to the always gorgeous structures.

Ethan has become an old pro at taking visitors around the “Loop” of memorials. His favorite is FDR because it’s full of giant waterfalls. “A Man!” he shouted as we approached some of the sculptures.

Look who we ran into! If I ever take a tour in DC, I only hope my guide dresses like Benjamin Franklin. This guy rocks.

And yes, we were THOSE people who all wear red on Game Day. It was a conscious decision…we realized we looked like complete dorks. There were several comments made by strangers. Jeff even threatened to wear his red pants, but that would have put things over the top.

See The Peanut trying to claw his way out of the stroller? Ethan wasn’t super thrilled about riding. The whole weekend was a constant battle with the Little Man and his desire to walk all the time. It wouldn’t be a problem if he would walk continuously instead of stopping to inspect each and every stick, rock, acorn, bench, etc.

The next day (after I sang at my first ACS concert—it was a success! And I’m trying to get my hands on some video) we popped over to Arlington Cemetery to fulfill Jeff’s request to see the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. My goal is to make our guests every wish come true….

It was my first visit since moving to DC. We arrived at the tomb just in time for the changing of the guards, which of course didn’t disappoint. While we waited, Erika and I Googled all the background of the guards, processes, and significance. Fascinating. (TIP: if you go, sit on the right side of the tomb…that is where the most action takes place)

So we did the sightseeing but also relaxed, Ethan and Dewey couldn’t get enough of Uncle Jeff and Auntie Erika whenever they hit the couch. In fact, Dewey is going through a little depression now that Jeff isn’t around to pet him constantly.

So now they are gone and the house feels empty (not for long, my parents arrive on Thursday!). I only hope some day Erika and I will live in the same city again…a weekend is never enough time. But I’m grateful for every second and can’t wait to make a trip out to Denver in the spring…

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  1. Sandy Schon permalink
    October 23, 2012

    So great to have friends visit!

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