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More of Our St. Louis Weekend

2012 May 31
by Becky

Though the wedding was the “main event” of the weekend, we did have plenty of time during our weekend away to catch up with friends and relax with family.

My parents made the 13 hour drive just to see us. Ok, let’s be honest, they made the drive for Ethan. And also for my mom’s oldest and best friend, Laurie, who graciously let us all destroy stay in her lovely house.

Since Laurie lives out in Lake St. Louis, we were a little out of our element. See, we used to live less than a mile outside St. Louis City. Lake St. Louis is exactly 34.5 miles West of our former neighborhood (and most of the city) so it made seeing downtown friends a bit of a challenge. But it meant we did a little exploring!

Like when we met friends at Zachary’s Playground—the biggest and most amazing playground I’ve ever seen in my life (this picture only captures one part…a whole pictorial could not cover the details of this place).

While my dad snapped a shot of Megan and I, I wish I could have captured a picture of us with Ethan and her two beautiful girls, Charlotte and Cate. Alas, it was impossible to get everyone to hold still for a picture—they were running everywhere. I honestly don’t know how anyone could keep track of more then one child at this place!!

Grandma had no problem following Ethan where ever he wanted to go, doing whatever he wanted to do all weekend. That’s what Grandmas are for, right? Grandpa was down for anything too.

One of Ethan’s most favorite things is water. Any activity involving the wet stuff, he’s in. Drinking, splashing, spraying, dumping, or even just watching. He can’t get enough.

Grandma and Grandpa Schon were all too happy to oblige Ethan’s water whims. The kid peed more over this one weekend then in a typical week due to the constant water bottles, hose, and cup drinks he was given.

Let’s just say, he’s well hydrated. Give a toddler a bucket and a hose and you have a happy kid. He played outside in the water and landscaping rocks every single day.

We also explored the beach. Our friends Catrina, Aaron, and Claire made the long drive out to visit, so we went to the beach. Lake St. Louis has these very cute little private beaches scattered around, so we thought one would make a good “babysitter” for the kids…that way the adults could actually spend time catching up.

Ethan sat in this chair on his own, like he’d been sitting properly in chairs for years. Just plopped down as if he needed a break, his Budda belly pudging over his fish patterned trunks. And look what happened next.

Claire is the CUTEST kid. She sat right down and mugged for the cameras. Ethan loved it, although he’s looking a little concerned in this picture. I love it when kids aren’t shy.

Later that night Ethan tried out his first merry-go-round ride with the grandparents and aunt Laurie. The three of them entertained Little Man outside all evening, even sitting in on a water skiing event!

Meanwhile, the hubs and I headed into “town”. I had a spa and margarita appointment with the bride and bridesmaids while Stu had a beer appointment with his buddies.

Those neon green pitchers of goodness meant a true “night out”. Hector at El Paisano, you are amazing.

Since the wedding was on Sunday, we spent part of Saturday with our friend Angela and Jack. They are also lake dwellers, living just moments away from us. They shuttled us around on their super-fun pontoon boat, making it Ethan’s FIRST boat ride! He didn’t even protest the life jacket.

This picture proves I’m the queen of multi-tasking. Texting the bride, drinking a Lime-a-Rita, taking in the beautiful scenery, and driving the boat all at the same time. Granted, the boat is barely moving, but hey! It’s all happening at once.

When we stopped to gaze at a yard-full of ducks and geese, to our amazement (and after 17 months of making every animal sound at least a million times) Ethan yelled “Quack quack quack!” over the side of the boat. I about fell overboard. He YELLED it, with purpose and the confidence of knowing exactly what it meant. He will be a walking menagerie in no time I’m sure.

(Yes, he is sans life jacket in this pic. Those things are HOT so we gave him a little break from it for a few minutes. And while it looks like Grandpa has him about two centimeters from the boats edge, it’s really more like two feet. And the boat went about 2mph.)

We even had some family visit! My uncle Rob couldn’t get enough of The Peanut…they played and played. My cousins, Monica and Kyle, and their significant others joined us too. It was so fun hearing about Monica’s wedding plans for October!

Uncle Rob, aka “Uncle Bob Bob” (my childhood nickname for him), fed Ethan his first rice krispie treat. They were both in heaven.

I somehow missed a picture of Monica and her fiancee Josh with Ethan…grrr!! But look at Kyle handling my boy so gracefully…what a good cousin.

It was a very fun weekend away that gave Stu and I some “distance” from the Little Man. Don’t get me wrong, I’d be happy never leaving Ethan. But we were closing in on 17 months without me EVER spending more than four hours away from him…the time had come to spend a night away. So, the night of the wedding, we stayed downtown at a hotel. It was good to just get it over with (it had to happen sometime!!), but I missed seeing Ethan’s sleepy, smiling face and bed head.

We are so grateful for the grandparents…they handled things beautifully and enjoyed every moment. I of course came out of the weekend feeling like I didn’t see my baby enough, so we’ve been hunkering down here at the house to make up for any lost moments. (I won’t even go to the gym because I don’t want to leave him at daycare…I realize this makes me insane.)

That was our weekend!! It was fabulous! And we’ll be doing it all again (but in Western Nebraska) July 7th for Erika’s wedding. We are so excited.

When did you leave your baby for the first time? Was it forced or voluntary? 

6 Responses
  1. Sandy Schon permalink
    May 31, 2012

    It was a great week. Can’t wait for July!!!

  2. Grandma Johnson permalink
    June 1, 2012

    I loved all the picture’s!!! That picture of Ethan in the buff is priceless!!

    I miss him soooo…

  3. Amy Kohlhepp permalink
    June 1, 2012

    First time I left Annette was at 3 months old when I had to go back to teaching. By far the hardest day of my life! But I only had to do it for 6 weeks until summer break. Being a working mother is probably the hardest part of motherhood.. Way too many hats to wear! As for overnight, that would be last month for a bachelorette party..we went a good 15 months without a night away!
    Looks like a great trip..Annette now says “Eeetan”.. I’m trying really hard to catch it on video! Annette and I will be in NE (staying with mom in Columbus and possibly with the aunts) from July 10-18.. Maybe just maybe these cousins could meet up? What fun!!

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