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Mid-Season Crisis

2012 September 26
by Becky

I’m blaming our week of, what did the nurses call it? “Quiet play?”, but since that was like two weeks ago, maybe I’m just going through a mid-season crisis (not quite fall, but not summer), because lately I can’t sit still for more than five minutes.

Stu just loooooves this Becky.
(this is supposed to be sarcastic…not sure if that’s coming through or not)

The Becky who says, “What are we going to do this weekend?”, on Tuesday evening. It means he is in for some serious exploring.

Or projects. Usually ones that include, “It will be a really quick Ikea trip…just in and out”.

Or both.

Stu trying to figure out how to fit our new couch in the car…there were three more HUGE boxes. Needless to say, it took two trips.

Yes, after 10 years with our old couch and at least three years of me saying “We need a new couch”, I finally made a decision. While usually spot on, my size estimations were pretty far off and it took two trips to get this puppy home. And after an hour of silent assembly (we are pros at this by now), we were in business…lounging on a nice, new sectional sofa! I’ll post pics as soon as I get some good ones.

It was slightly sad watching our old couch drive away, all packed up in the back of a very nice kid’s pickup. That couch was the first thing Stu and I ever purchased together, right after my college couch wouldn’t fit through the door of our first apartment in St. Louis.

Oh well, it’s just a couch. Goodbye drab brown sagginess! I’m sure it will be happy in its new home being jumped and spilled on by college students.

Ethan didn’t mind the Ikea trip. He starts asking for “Eye-ceam” as soon as he sees the giant blue building. (That’s E-speak for ice cream…we get one at the end of every Ikea trip because they have THE BEST fro yo…for $1)

My weekend plans for us also included a trip North to Great Falls, VA. After a 35 minute drive along the spectacular George Washington Parkway, we spent a couple hours gazing out on beautiful scenery and roaring rapids. We agreed that since Great Falls is this gorgeous in September, it’s worth a trip in late October when the leaves have turned.

I love this picture of The Peanut, the row of trees behind him, artists painting on their easels below, a hint of color in the leaves.

It was a great shot until two seconds later we realized there was a mosquito on Ethan’s cheek…that’s right, I captured my son getting eaten alive by mosquitos on camera…see the un-photoshopped version below.

See it?

Somehow, between the two of us practically tackling Ethan to shoo the nasty bug away, he escaped without a bite.

Ethan examining pumpkins earlier that morning at the Old Town Farmer’s Market. Pumpkins are his new obsession.

My inability to stay at home these days is probably also due to Ethan’s exemplary behavior. The kid has been in a FANTABULOUS mood. Maybe those teeth finally stopped bothering him?

Whatever the reason, it was proved by a very sucessful Target run on Monday—no crying, whining, begging for food, or screaming to “Wak! Wak!”

Yes, we’ve reached the point I’ve heard from so many of my friends. Ethan wants to walk EVERYWHERE. He can go forever too! So I try to go places where he can do just that.

Like museums.

Yesterday was spent walking around the Mall, downtown DC, and the Natural History Museum, Ethan’s favorite. And since we arrived at 10am on a Tuesday, he had the run of the place. I just let him wander through the animals and dinosaurs, following behind with the stroller.

It was a point and “Wow!” fest. He can’t get enough of those stuffed animals.

When he had worn out his pointer finger, we headed upstairs to the butterfly exhibit. (PS moms, it’s free on Tuesdays!)

Though I had told him about a million times we were going to see butterflies, he couldn’t believe his eyes. “Bu-a-fly!” over and over. He especially loved these giant blue ones that fluttered just millimeters from our faces while we walked through the little indoor-garden-capsule-thingy.

It was just one more thing I’ve been waiting to do with him. One of those things you put on hold till they are a little bit older. It was perfect timing. He went nuts.

Then it was off to downtown for a little, tiny bit of shopping at H&M (mamma needed some new $12 shirts for fall) followed by a stop at the food trucks. Ethan gave the CapMac mac and cheese a big thumbs up.

So don’t come a knockin’ at our house, cause we most likely won’t be home. I guess that new couch won’t be getting much use for a while!


6 Responses
  1. Linda Johnson permalink
    September 26, 2012

    I love your blogs Becky. I cannot wait to see photo’s of your new couch and painted side table.

    What a wonderful area you and Stu live in. So much to see and do for the entire family.

    Great photo of the three of you by the water!! And of course I always enjoy seeing Ethan having a great time.

    Keep making memories for all of us to enjoy.

  2. Erika permalink
    September 26, 2012

    Ah, the old couch is gone! I’m impressed you kept it this long.

    We are so excited to come visit in Oct! Can’t wait for the concert and the DC adventures!

  3. Kristan permalink
    September 26, 2012

    Totally never knew the butterfly part in Natural History Museum was free onTuesday!! Guess that’s another good weekday activity to do!!

  4. Lauren G permalink
    September 26, 2012

    Congrats on the new couch!!! Believe it or not we too may be on the lookout for a new sectional with the move to our new house. We’ll have to come check yours out sometime!

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