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Mega-Holiday: Part 4

2014 July 20
by Becky

Huntington Beach Vacation

We just wrapped up our Mega-Holiday on the beautiful coast of California. Huntington Beach was a last minute addition to our cross-country trek, Stu was there for work and we decided some sand and sun would make a perfect final stop.

Ethan had no objections.



Plus it was a way to see Stu after being apart for over a week. Ethan kept asking, “Do I get to see Dad today?” like we were getting visitation rights or something. Between that and worrying about leaving Grandma (he kept asking, “Will Grandma be too lonely?” after we let Scottsbluff), the poor kid was trying to figure this whole traveling situation out as best he could.

When Stu was finished with meetings, he had time to stroll the boardwalk, grab dinner, and even joined us at the beach and pool.



I love California weather. Cool in the mornings and evenings, warm enough during the day to take a swim. We spent our mornings strolling the beach, grabbing a coffee and Jamba Juice, and perching on the pier to watch the surfers. People-watching could be a sport at Huntington Beach, especially since it was the week of the US Open of Surfing…there were some characters.

But watching fruity adult beverages being delivered to pool guests was painful. Good thing I got to waddle around in my super cool skirted maternity swim suit while surrounded by what seemed like bazillions of 18-year-old hotties in their string bikinis. Talk about self-confidence booster…

My extra-special treat? Ethan played in the sand as if in a trance for what seemed like forever. Our hotel had graciously hooked us up with sand toys, beach chairs, and towels for the day, making it possible for me to kick back with this month’s book club selection (Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali…totally worth a read).



My red shoulders needed a break from the sun so Ethan and I drove down the Pacific Cost Highway one morning to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach for some fishy fun.

Aquariums seem to be a thing with us. (This time I remembered my wallet)



“Mom, that’s a GINORMOUS whale,” Ethan deadpanned upon entry. This kid misses nothing.

The place was full of incredible fish of course, but also otters, penguins, seals, and sea lions. There were tons of petting opportunities too, so we gently touched urchins, star fish, sea cucumbers, sharks, rays, and even jelly fish! We smelled very fishy by the end of our visit, at which time the aquarium was being overrun by camps and daycares.

We made a stop by Stu’s favorite California burger joint…


And of course there is always the thrill of staying in a hotel. Funny lamps and balconies and phones…


Ethan thought it was HILARIOUS to pick up the phone and have a “conversation” with the dial tone. My favorite was the one that involved him telling an imaginary friend, “My Mom can’t come to the phone, she’s going poop.”

For the record, I was brushing my teeth.

While leaving this incredible view behind was painful…


…the thought of being home after almost three weeks on the road was extremely appealing. I craved a regular schedule and my kitchen. Ethan was desperate for his new swing set and his buddies…the kid was ravenous to play with someone his own age, practically accosting anyone under the age of 5 in his vicinity.

All it took was a few hours of flight delays to get us home at an unreasonable 1:30am. Nothing like some mechanical difficulties to put a sharp edge on the end of a fantastic trip.

But it was worth it. Our Mega-Holiday was a huge success.


I’ve been 100% unproductive during our travels so I’m now facing a back log of blogging, freelance work, photo editing, nursery decorating, and plenty of other pre-baby projects I’d like to complete.

Good thing I’m getting more giant and uncomfortable by the day.

Stay tuned for Baby #2 updates (we’re closing in on trimester three) and plenty of nursery construction photos…very exciting stuff.

5 Responses
  1. Linda Johnson permalink
    July 21, 2014

    Great picture of the three of you standing on the pier. I love Ethan’s expression!!

    And yes, California does have the best weather!!

    Looking forward to more Ethan and Nursery pic’s once you get settled and rested.

  2. carmel permalink
    July 21, 2014

    we’re glad to have you guys home!!

  3. July 21, 2014

    I miss you guys sooo much!!! Thanks for coming “home” for a wonderful week of playing and visiting friends. Loved every minute. See you soon.

  4. July 26, 2014

    From your photographs I’d say the view out into the ocean from the pier would definitely be beyond words. I’m envious because I wish I could be on Huntington Beach today!

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