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Meeting Grandma Johnson & Uncle Al

2011 March 25
by bvoboril

I’m behind on this post!!!  And it’s an important one…

Grandma Johnson (Stu’s Mom Linda) arrived on Friday, March 18 for a weekend of Ethan time. After getting lots of practice with her other new grand baby, Annette (Stu’s sister’s little girl), she was a pro with our little guy. She spent lots of time holding, changing diapers, and playing with Ethan. He loved it!

She is an early bird, so she held Ethan and kept him happy after he ate at 6am, and I got to sleep in a little without dealing with getting him back to sleep…it was great! She also cooked for us…she made one of Stu’s favorite childhood dinners—Porcupine Meatballs and Mashed Potatoes.  YUM!


Grandma holding Ethan for the first time



Grandma Johnson's first time giving Ethan a bottle

Another visitor was my uncle Al. He and my aunt Vicki live in Michigan, but he was in town for work and stopped by to meet Ethan. We tried to keep him up, but by the time Al arrived Ethan was passed out. Still allowed for some good snuggling!


Meeting Uncle Al


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