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Meeting AJ

2013 June 10
by Becky

This past weekend I left Ethan for only the second time in 2.5 years. It’s been as long since I’ve flown on a plane alone, no iPad blaring Cars or Toy Story or bag full of snacks to entertain the little man. (Note to self: The back of snacks would have come in handy.)

This time it was just me. Two hours of alone time on my way to Denver.

I got a coffee. I wore my headphones. I read my Kindle and worked on my laptop. While other parents wrestled with their babies and toddlers I sat in my own world reminiscing a little about what life without kids was like. The only difference? I missed Ethan the whole time.

But making the trip alone was all worth it to spend some quality time with this little guy and his mommy.


My friend Erika, who I’ve talked about countless times, and her new husband Jeff wasted no time in the baby-making department. They were pregnant just a month after they tied the knot and Alex Jeffery, or “AJ”, was born on the fifth of May. He’s a Cinco di Mayo baby! How fun are those parties going to be?

I was in love from the moment I peeked at him in his giant carseat. All curled up in a ball, fast asleep. I could not wait till he woke up.


And there started my new baby weekend. I forgot how fast the days go when they are segmented into three hour cycles.

Diaper change. Feed. Stare at him saying “He’s so cute!” about 100 times. Then back to sleep. Repeat.

How fast we forget the joys and challenges of being a new parent. Stress over schedules and weight gain (baby and mom) and having the right gear. As a mom, there’s the whole dilemma of figuring out where you fit in among the roles of primary caretaker, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and coworker…sometimes it seems like there is not much left over for oneself.


But as we went through these cycles Erika and I plenty of time to relax and talk. And eat. Living so far apart is tough so there’s always lots of catching up to do.

Watching my friends become parents is one of my favorite things, especially now that I’m one myself. I was always excite for friends having kids, but it wasn’t until Ethan arrived that I really understood what it meant to bring one of these little perfect creatures into the world. And seeing Erika and Jeff handle parenthood so gracefully was amazing. AJ is one lucky kiddo to have parents like them.


I was was lucky enough to be there for a few firsts. 1) Erika’s first time nursing in public. She handled it like a champ! 2) AJ’s first ride in the Moby Wrap. 3) A family outing to a local street fair near Denver University…it was packed, hot, and full of stumbling people but once we found the quiet area where about 15 parents were holding their babies, it was a fun experience.


Back at home Stu was spending his first Dad’s weekend with Ethan. They spent quite a bit of time at the park, had a “Dad Playdate” with some of Stu’s buddies and their kids, went for a run, had breakfast at our favorite local place, and even did some grocery shopping during which Ethan ran all over the store with a mini shopping cart. They had a blast.


It was very hard to say goodbye to AJ’s sweet face, knowing I probably won’t see him for a few months, maybe more. Wishing they were closer. But I’m also looking forward to the day AJ and Ethan can really interact. Ethan can show him all kinds of fun ways to get into trouble. They will be buddies for life!





4 Responses
  1. June 11, 2013

    Can’t wait to meet him!!!!

  2. Erika permalink
    June 11, 2013

    Miss you already…can’t wait to plan a trip to STL to spend time with you and see your new digs!

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