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We Love Vero Pizza & Pasta Meal Kits!

2017 August 25
by Becky


We couldn’t move away from St. Louis until we tried the much-anticipated Vero Pizza and Pasta Meal Kit delivery service from one of our favorite eateries, Katie’s Pizza. They started filling orders just two weeks before we packed up the house—cutting it close! So I quickly placed an order and couldn’t wait to try it!



When they saw the big box arrive on our porch, the boys begged to help make dinner—not usually a very relaxing way to make meals—but I agreed and got them squeezing, zesting, and pouring.

Our first recipe was Fiori Pasta with Lemon Cream and Arugula with Mista Salad on the side.



All our pre-portioned ingredients were prepped in no time and we were ready to go. The gorgeous fresh pasta cooks in just a few minutes and the sauce was a snap. I’d say start to finish the meal took about 20 minutes to make.



Twenty minutes to absolutely DELICIOUS. The result was a light and creamy pasta with a tangy kick from the lemon and a crunch from chopped pistachios. I heard zero complaints about there being “green stuff” in the mix as the kids inhaled their dinner. The recipe made enough to feed the four of us with seconds!



It was kind of like being at Katie’s Pizza…except I was wearing sweat pants and listening to the Hamilton soundtrack.

The next meal was pizza! Roasted Chicken Pizza with cipollini onions pizza to be exact. This was a bit more involved than the pasta and I chose to do it over two days. The day before I roasted the chicken, garlic, and onions during nap time and then popped them in the fridge.


Pizza night was easier with all ingredients ready to go. The oven was cranked to 500, I’d cleaned the oven before so my smoke alarm didn’t go crazy, and it was time to stretch the crust. In all honestly, I kicked the kids out of the kitchen for this part. They get grabby with pizza dough and its a hard thing to have them help with. Overworked dough = no good.

Really, this part would be tricky for anyone who hasn’t made pizza at home before. No to worry, Katie included a Dough Stretching 101 pamphlet in the box! Plus the dough was perfect and easy to work with.



I’m typically not all about balsamic reductions but O.M.G. it put this pizza over the TOP! It was really, really good.

Clothing was clearly optional at our little pizza party. And eating your slice upside-down made it taste twice as good. 

Our Vero box was amazing!! We gave it eight thumbs up and were very sad to know our days of ordering were numbered as we prepared to move out of town. But I hear they will be expanding soon??? So here’s hoping we will be getting Katie’s Pizza in DC someday.

If you live in St. Louis, this is a really fun family dinner or a pizza and pasta box can feed a gathering at the price of about $55…I call that a deal, especially since this food is incredible. Don’t miss out!

Have you tried Vero? What did you think? 

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