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Life Now: Spring Edition

2018 April 11
by Becky

We’re rounding out our NINTH month living in Virginia. Nine months.

Saying it feels like we moved here yesterday sounds super cliche but I can’t help it…it feels like we moved here yesterday. In the blink of an eye we’ve made this city and this house feel like home. In fact, it’s wasn’t until we returned from our recent Spring Break trip that we decidedly said, “This feels like home.”

Speaking of Spring Break….

It was just two weeks ago that we popped down to my parents’ winter home in Florida for a break from the frigid temps here on the East Coast. As usual, our first stop of the trip was in Tampa to see my grandma, AKA “GG”. From that point on it was beach and pool and lots of gecko hunting. Courtesy of a very generous family friend, we fit in a boat ride with plenty of dolphin sightings.

Stu and I even snuck away to Sarasota for a couple days without the kids! We sat on the beach and/or poolside all day until we could take no more sun and had to go searching for delicious food. We found it at Boca, where I discovered a spectacular drink called the “Hello Beautiful”. We also found downtown Sarasota to be the perfect people-watching spot, the best of which included a white leisure suit, fedora, and purple silk shirt…all on one very eager man.

We celebrated Easter in shorts and flip-flops, dying eggs with grandma and grandpa and doing a hunt in the front yard. Through his candy haze, Ethan was excited to see a Dog Man book in his Easter basket. He’s become a voracious reader in the last month and is beaming with confidence as he burns through the chapters. He’s rarely without a book these days and we are SO proud.

Being out of town was the perfect time to start the renovation on our second floor “master” bathroom. It was amazing to miss the dust and noise of demo, now we’re anxiously waiting for tiling to begin.

Looks like a mess right? Well that wall is freshly exposed and going to look fantastic once we have that nasty heater fixed up and some gorgeous tile on the floor and walls. Fingers crossed things keep going smoothly.

In other news, I found myself a job! Two days a week I’m cooking at a fantastic little cafe located just a few minutes away from home. It feels incredible to be working again, I love every minute. It means we found Finn a full day preschool program for those days and he’s getting along just fine, as usual. I love how much he’s learning in his class, always coming home singing a new song and suddenly showing interest in new topics. We’re so lucky our kids have always been so flexible when it comes to school!

I always follow up with a picture, but don’t have a one of me working, so just imagine me in an apron with a chefs knife standing next to a large pot and it will be pretty accurate.

And now for some super cuteness…

Wedding kids!! We just returned from a super quick trip to Omaha for a family wedding. It was the first wedding we’ve been too in a really, really long time. Finn’s first! He and Ethan couldn’t wait to get dressed up and dance their brains out. Finn was absolutely enamored with the bride—who did look stunning—and had his eye on her throughout the event, waiting for a dance.

It was creepy/cute.

Here he is, standing at the very corner of the dance floor waiting to pounce. Once the formal dances were over, Finn’s feet never stopped. Natalie, the bride, was so sweet to give him lots of attention!

The big deal around here these days is the cherry blossoms…DC is absolutely packed with blossom seekers who’ve been patiently waiting for these trees to wake up. Finn and I popped over for “peak bloom” day, nice and early to beat the crowds.

We’re in town for a while now and gearing up for the nice weather! We’ve got company coming in the next few weeks and will have lots of things to see and do now that it’s not freezing outside. No doubt we’ll be over to see those cherry blossoms a couple more times.

Hope everyone is warming up!

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