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Life and a Few Important Links

2015 July 16
by Becky


The past seven days have felt like years that go by in a wink. If that makes any sense.

Ethan is in part time camp again, leaving Finn and I meandering through our nap-filled days. Finn is squirming and semi-crawling all over the place, pulling up on furniture and trying in every way possible to bash his head against surfaces (succeeding at least a few times a day), requiring my full attention every minute. Unless he’s eating, in which case he’s quarantined to his high chair and will delightfully feed himself small pieces of food for an hour.

The evenings, usually spent making and eating dinner in front of the TV with Stu followed by hours of productivity time, have been cut short by sleepiness…I can’t keep my eyes open. I’m lucky if I can make it till 10pm when I fit in my extra pump before struggling to read no more than several pages in my ridiculously funny guilty pleasure book as my eyes close. At least once a week Stu stop to grab food from our new (no really, it’s brand new) favorite take-out spot in Fox Park—get the rice paper wrap with brown rice, chicken, and spicy sesame sauce…I’ll dream about it tonight.

I blame my tiredness on a lack of a regular schedule.

Add to our anti-schedule the constant rain and/or extreme heat and our days are really a mess. I usually like to plan things out a few days ahead but this week it’s more of a pick up Ethan at 3pm and announce, “how about the Magic House?” with a quick stop for a frozen lemonade. I don’t do 100 degrees (apparently it “felt like” 110). Prior to the heat I was juggling an umbrella plus baby plus diaper bag plus three other things Ethan refused to help me carry. Is it too much to ask for 70 and sunny? At least we’re getting to the pool now (when it’s not broken and/or under massive construction). When it’s too hot we stick to the playroom.


I’ve started listening to a new (aka I just heard about it but it’s been around for five years) podcast while walking/running/driving that turned me on to a new Amazon Prime show. Catastrophe is totally unassuming but laugh-out-loud hilarious and wickedly smart. Two actors no where near my radar, Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney, are so freaking funny…just watch. It’s free if you are a Prime member (and if you aren’t a Prime member, we should talk…you need to be) and the perfect feel-good show that has, thankfully, been picked up for a second season.

I’m planning a baby shower for my adorable friend Lauren who’s having a GIRL! I am in love with the theme, narwhals. Seriously adorable. I’ll be making at least one thing from this new-to-me fantastic food/stay-at-home-dad blog for the shower…probably the avocado potato salad that has me a droolin’. And I’m working on our family album because darn if I’m not even more behind than usual due to our anti-downtime summer vacation. I blame Finn. Good thing he’s not sensitive about these kinds of things.

My mom is headed into town for a visit, because it’s been over a week since we’ve seen her so the kids are ready (ready is an understatement, Ethan asks once a minute “is grandma on her way?”). I’m also trying to figure out why we need to try this incredible new doohickey. Impromptu neighborhood water balloon fight? Just a Friday afternoon? I’ve seen this video on Facebook, the thing actually works!

Ok it’s officially 2:30pm so I’m off to wake the babe (HATE!) so we are on time for camp pick up and an afternoon dip at the pool. But I actually won’t post this until I’ve read through at least once more so you’ll probably get it around midnight…I know you’ve been holding your breath (not). Whatever, it’s up. I’ve accomplished something.

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  1. July 16, 2015

    Rob Delaney is hilarious. Sometimes his tweets make me cry, I laugh so hard.

    We ate at Lona’s once and it was really, really good. But then I felt overstuffed for days. I think the name is funny, because nothing there seems little at all!

    Feeling sluggish in the summer isn’t a lot of fun. I feel like I’m on the flip side of that right now, super busy and balancing a ton of things. But it’s easy to get distracted (like checking in on blogs while I have a mid morning coffee break!)

    Finn’s really growing. Wow.

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