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Last Minute Gifts

2017 December 16
by Becky

last minute gifts

There’s only a week left till Christmas!! How did this happen? I’ve been taking my sweet old time picking out gifts and shipping stuff out like we’ve got a month to go. Maybe it’s because our lives have been consumed with our current lack of refrigeration (more on that later this week), but whatever the case, here are a few things people you love will love:

  1. Bought these super comfy slippers in the fall, knowing I’d desperately need them to navigate our old wood floors. They have a flexible sole and just enough fur to be cute without being too warm. Even Stu can’t help but steal them sometimes.
  2. This incredible faux fur throw is something I’ve been wanting since the temps started dropping. I saw it go on sale at West Elm and had to get it—good thing I had a gift card burning a hole in my wallet! It is So soft and snuggly, like a pet you don’t have to walk. Stu and the boys are so obsessed with it we had order another one!
  3. I can’t stop wearing this lusciously soft cardigan from Anthropologie. Having this store within walking distance has proven to be a bit of a problem…one I’m not at all sad about. I may wear this sweater every day until Spring. Watch for sales! There’s one every other day. I got it in black, which isn’t listed on the website, so check stores!
  4. How many half-full bottles of flat club soda have you poured down the drain? Those days are over for us, because I picked up a Soda Stream. I actually bought a slightly used one from a neighbor, because I was very unsure this would actually work. It’s just the most simple version, nothing fancy, but OMG is this thing amazing! There’s no waste! Just keep refilling the bottle with regular old tap water and make it as bubbly as you want. Even the CO2 tanks are exchangeable. Save the environment and get one.
  5. Need the perfect housewarming gift (that isn’t wine)? Trader Joe’s has my favorite Christmas flowers—amaryllis—now easier to grow than ever!! No more rehydrating dirt or arranging rocks in vases, just stick these wax covered bulbs anywhere and forget about it till there’s a giant red flower springing from the top! You don’t even have to water them. I have at least five of them in all stages of growth throughout the house, they are so beautiful. Head to the store to stock up.

What’s your go-to gift this year? Anything you know every person will love and need? 

2 Responses
  1. Breezy permalink
    December 18, 2017

    Your list is ten times better than the list of uber expensive stuff over at Gwenyth Paltrow’s GOOP website :)

    • Becky permalink*
      December 19, 2017

      I took a look and I’m actually terrified by the Goop recommendations. Do people really buy that stuff??!

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