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Last Day of PreK

2016 May 27
by Becky


I posted about Ethan’s Prek Graduation already, but couldn’t resist posting a little first day/last day shot. Sure I completely forgot until after school when Ethan was swim-suit clad from an afternoon of last day water play, but I can see the difference in his size just by looking at his feet.

They are huge.

None of those clothes from last summer no longer fit. He’s still lean and mean, but he’s getting so big.

The Thursday storm clouds let up just long enough for us to have a class celebration on the playground with strawberry lemonade and bomb pops (which Ethan thought were the most amazing thing EVER) and some teacher gifts. Our family gave them booze and gift certificates—pretty much the best gift anyone can give. Teachers deserve a life-time supply of wine, I don’t know they do it.

Happy Memorial Day to everyone! Hope you have lots of relaxing, summery plans during this long weekend. Any chance this rain will stop so we can hit the pool??

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  1. Linda Johnson permalink
    May 29, 2016

    Our little peanut is getting so big!! Love ya Ethan!

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