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Labor Day is for Bike Rides

2015 September 7
by Becky


This beautiful-yet-blazin-hot long, Labor Day weekend was all about the bikes! After years of discussing family bike rides, we are finally outfitted to take them. Ethan and Finn both (barely) fit in the trailer we acquired from a friend, and we couldn’t wait one more second to start getting them used to it. After a practice ride around Tower Grove Park, one where Finn cried about wearing his helmet until we finally removed it to avoid scarring him against the trailer forever, we headed to the much bigger Forest Park on Sunday morning for a 6+ mile ride.


It went great! The kids were happy and seemed comfortable. I of course worried the whole time about a helmet-less Finn, so we’ll be exploring the lower-profile Nutcase helmet (if not just for the name!) to see if it’s more comfortable than the Bontrager (which is getting returned).

Finn seemed so ambivalent when we did an in-store try on. And it was so cute!



The heat made me long for the weather to get cooler, for us to don jackets, for the boys to snuggle under a blanket while being pulled down Grant’s Trail. We took turns pulling the trailer to get used to powering the extra 50+ pounds, which wasn’t hard unless there was even a touch of a hill…then it’s a quad workout, which is fine by me! Fun and a workout—perfect. We did another 7.5 miles Monday morning before Stu pulled Ethan to the YMCA to enjoy one last swim in the outdoor pool. Procuring bikes was clearly long overdue and I’m SO glad we finally had some time to make it happen.

That wasn’t the end of the biking fun…


Saturday was the second day of the Gateway Cup, a huge, four-day biking event held throughout St. Louis City. Each day a different park serves as host, and Saturday was Francis Park so we headed over to meet Ethan’s buddy Addy for the kids race—we’d never seen a real bike race before! So when we approached the street-turned-track and saw the pack of bikers flying by, it was REALLY exhilarating.



The race started at 4pm and we were running late. I let the boys sleep as long as possible and then regretted it, panicking about missing the race until we made it with seconds to spare. Things were chaotic, rushed and busy, we were already drenched with sweat from the crazy heat and humidity—I was kind of expecting Ethan to get nervous and back out, but he was totally chill and ready to ride! I was totally impressed and so happy he was excited to participate.


When the announcer said “GO!” Ethan took off! He checked behind him a couple times to make sure I was there, to which I yelled “Go GO!!” and he peddled his little legs as fast as they’d go, which it turns out is pretty darn fast. The kids zoomed under the official finish line like champions.



Everyone got a blue ribbon! Ethan had a riders high and wanted more, so we ran over to the barricade to watch the older kids fly down the track, Ethan asking, “Can we do this again??!” Riding back to the car alongside some of the pros was pretty exciting.


It was an active weekend, we’re are all exhausted. Sometimes the weekends you have “nothing” planned turn out to the be the busiest ones!


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  1. Linda Johnson permalink
    September 8, 2015

    Biking is such a great family time. St. Louis has such wonderful huge parks for biking.

    The boys are adorable in the carrier and congratulations Ethan on your purple ribbon.

  2. September 8, 2015

    Looks like so much fun. A lot better equipment than we had “in the day!!!!”

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